Rescue Journal

let me think on the barn light switch for a few days....

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2012

cuz maybe the other guys don't mind it since zig does appear to have the lights off for good by 8.

hey brent..this weekend could you please put the window air conditioners room, bedroom and the rabbit room...and the big portable air conditioner set up in the sunroom? i don't want to get caught by the hot weather (if we ever get any) and have the animals unduly distressed in the heat. everything should be under the stairs in the shop.

also if anyone wants to power wash the barn or shop front or the barn water tanks before the open is the time to do it. we have lots of water and that new gas powered power washer (thx RBC!) so some happy power washer could go ahead if they want!

allied came late yesterday and filled up the water tanks...gerri gives us the first 5000 gallon fill up for free as a donation...thank you big time gerri and allied. now we are almost ready for summer if we get one that is.
we still need to get carl and the sheep sheared but we need good dry weather for that.

i cannot believe it is less than a month til the open house..i guess i better start making a list and start freaking myself out.

i have some good news....tammy is applying for adopting a kitten! she bonded with a little feral grey guy at the clinic yesterday while waitng for wills to be ready. she called me last night feeling guilty cuz she thought if she had a spot in her home, it should go to one of the old guys. and here is the thing...

baby, adult or ancient....all homeless animals deserve a forever great home. and after providing palliative care to many of our old cats..i think tammy deserves to experience the joy (and occasional chaos) of a perfectly healthy and active and soon to be very happy baby cat BEFORE tammy gets too old! this will be one cat who has a forever, wonderful home...never will he be lost or abandoned, never will he be discarded and alone, never will he be de-valued..i think he is a very lucky kitten and i am so happy for both.

saints has never been just about our old animals who happen to be here......saints is really about all homeless animals everywhere. yay little jimmy...yay tammy!

if anyone else great is looking for a little, innocent homeless kitten..we know where there are three more waiting for their own wonderful homes too!

ok enough of the warm and fuzzy shit, i need to get ready for work.



carol, am i still to bring bear with me tomm? is his 11am date still on?


I think the little feral grey kitten is one very lucky kitten to get to have Tammy as his human.

Bunny Horne

Brent says that Carol owns a skookum staple gun. Brent suspects it's in one of the lower drawers in the cabinets just outside the shop washroom. If you can't find it he will try to locate it on Sunday.

YES, Brent can do all your air conditioners.

Bunny Horne

I will bring my staple gun with me on Sunday in the event it's still on issue by then.

Brent and I can clean the big tanks out front. I will bring some oxyclean. We took over this job from Jenn last year and found that a quick wash with oxyclean or green solution first made the dirt just fall off.

I'm pretty sure Brent can and will get all your air conditioners set up on Sunday so you won't have to boil this year.

Ann C

Where would I find the staple gun? I'll be there tomorrow and I'll see if that will work, thanks Tammy.


After I hung the mesh screens I did wonder how well they would stay. They already started to peel off so I just used the staple gun to secure them, staple guns work well. Apparently I didn't use enough staples.

Ann C

Could Brent fix the top of the screen to the office door? The heavy duty push pin thingy that came with it is bent and we couldn't straighten it, so the door is hanging off at the top and it doesn't close without human help. Right now whenever Ed goes out it magnetises itself to the can of food beside the door!! LOL The bent pin is on the desk if you need it, Thanks