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we are the watchman

Carol  ·  Jun. 3, 2012

i could have slept all da,la da, la, da....

oh right,i why am i so tired this morning?

as per our lovely new cameras...all is well in the barn this morning!

the new guy sargent pepper is settling in ok...just a couple of small things, like....he can occasionally be a bit of a dick. he does absolutely fine as long as none of the other dogs get annoyed with him. but if someone does, he gets really mad and goes after them.

so everyone watch him carefully around odie please!

wilbur is still in an absolutely foul mood...methinks he is still pissed that he got shoved into a crate and taken to the vet. i told him yesterday to get over it. he laid in bed last night yelling at me to move his dinner way buddy. get yer apparently HEALTHY little pig butt outta yer bed and walk over to the bowl if ya wanna eat. he finally did but man he bitched non stop thru the whole eating his dinner thing.

wilbur has got to get moving..he has virtually been down in his bed for weeks. i think he needs a bit of tough love now to get him up and moving. the beauty of his being mad actually gives him a bit of a boost of energy..laying around and doing nothing just fosters ongoing depression in pigs.
so go ahead wilbur be as mad as you want...we checked you out from stem to stern and you are perfectly capable of getting up and moving about.

i would really like people to be mean to him...force him out of his bed and his room and close the door so he can't get back in for a few minutes each day. use the time to clean his bed up nicely and make it all comfy for him..maybe put out a few treats fo him to walk around and find before letting him back in his bed again. he can start slowly..just a few minutes per day, but we need that pig up and walking again.

we are his watchman, making sure he stays healthy by moving around every day.



***From June 1st** Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all the well wishes and they must have worked! The surgery went well! And turns out the blockage was caused from scar tissue from a past hernia operation, which blocked and then caused the intestine to get twisted up, so they removed/straightened out and she’ll be okay. The internet had me scared shitless and convinced it was a tumor.

She’ll be in the hospital for a week. I’m going to see how she feels and if she wants me to stay behind I might do that, but otherwise we’ll head back Saturday and I can come in so there will be lots of help I’ll blog on Saturday and let everyone know

Oh ya, and Brian and I ended up taking the dogs with us. Hehe they’re asleep on their own queen size bed right now lucky girls

Comment by Zoe — June 1, 2012 @ 12:10 am

... I posted that, but on the same blog as before, I probably should've put it on a more recent post! I doubt anyone saw it, my bad. She's healing well, in some pain but alive and healthy!!


I took Holly out for a bit of an extended walk yesterday and she surprised me by starting to play and explore. I think she responds to some one on one time once she gets through the gate.


Hey, just walked in the door from the island. Went to come home yesterday, was in the ferry lineup when there was that BOMB threat on the Nanaimo-Horseshoe bay ferry so they were cancelled and I had to stay over another night! The hotel we stayed in last night had no wireless so I couldn't blog, sorry!


Sargent Pepper is so cute- He and Jazzy were playing today, after all the big dogs left for the barn and it was quieter. Also Georgia seems to be totally continent - You have to really pay attention to her subtle cues; standing looking at the door quietly, waiting to go out. When I took her out to the front yard she did her business immediately and then happily came back inside. I took Holly to the front yard, but all she did was walk in small circles, so I put her back inside. Poor thing, she seems so lost most of the time.
Oh, and the dryer seemed to be a bit finicky - If it doesn't want to go on, just push the arrow for "time adjustment" first before putting the power and start buttons on, and that seemed to work today.