Rescue Journal

i had a nasty fall yesterday

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2012

jenn chuckled when i told her and called it ironic..yes that's mis-step away from some kind of irony. i tripped stepping over that gawd dam xpen in the shop that i was bitchng about people moving out of the way on the weekend.

so ok re-thinking this one...
...go ahead and move it to get safely in and out, just put it back at the end of the day.

i did spend most of the day out in the shop...i just did not get a helluvalot done...i sort of lost my momentum after i slamped into the cement.

BUT..the good news is...

the driveway chime went off just after 8pm last eve..i had already had a hot soaking bath for my sore self, taken some tylenol and climbed into bed to watch a movie when i heard ding-dong... (i never would have thought i wanted a driveway doorbell but, hey that thing is pretty darn handy!) luckily it was janet, a friend and fellow rescuer from 100 mile house so that was ok. i dragged her out to the shop and made her take two big loads back with her so that felt good getting rid of more stuff.
but... in the process, i ran over her foot with the tractor...ooops..i said sorry while we were both hysterically laughing. i said it is a good thing we don't drink, cuz we get somewhat impaired with just barely breathing.

maybe today i will feel more energetic cuz i got an extra two unexpected loads out of there.

hope floats.

in some ways the annual open house is a good forces me to de-junk around here. but in some ways it is a bad thing cuz it is an extra shit load of work.
yeah well..oh is what it is.

two new possible incomng..2 abandoned pot belly pigs..we are going to foster them for janice until she can hopefully find them a home. now here is the bad and good about her working for us...the bad is when the shelters can't find her at home, they call me to pass on the message about some pig(s) in need cuz they know she is here. and when i pass on the message, i get to listen to janice yelling and screaming in complete frustration about more homeless pigs that she doesn't have room for.
the good thing is because i am technically her boss (which i am not sure is really true because she spends a lot of time bossing me yesterday when i was trying to get out of the shop and she MADE me go thru EIGHT bins of collars and leashes and dog coats before i could leave!)

anyway..since i am technically (but probably not really) her boss..i can tell her with great authority...i will take them here and foster for you and you can find them a home. poof... one quick easy order from me and janice is now responsible (both as a rescuer And as an employee) for two more pigs..someone's work day work load just got heavier (not me cuz i get to go to work somewhere else and get paid to NOT look after pigs.)

janice can make me sort thru a bunch of bins when i don't want to but i can get even cuz i have her work time pig phone.



I seem to remember telling you the last time that i was not Hearts On Noses there , could not be reached and to bury your cel(pig)phone... lol I would liek to say waht have I done but really its what have you done as the new pig family is there ;o)


Ok first of all. With concern in my voice, I asked "are you ok?" then I chuckled and called it ironic :)

Bunny Horne

Carol, sorry you fell down. Don't those crocks you wear have spikes on the bottom?
Sorry you ran over Janet's foot with the tractor - hopefully she's smart enough to not wear crocks anywhere near a tractor.

If you found any good crap (newish) in the bins you went through that I can use for the west end yard sale to raise money for a safety lanyard for the Saints Founder - please set it aside for Brent and I on Sunday. We will get it out of the shop.

If there is new stuff you can't use we can "gift with donation at the Denman Street event on the 17th". Kinda-sorta new - we can flog it at the yard sale in July.

francesca Wilson

Carol hope you are OK - falling is not fun. Just to let you know that Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow.
Thanks francesca