Rescue Journal

there is a lot of thinking that goes into rescue...

Carol  ·  Jun. 6, 2012

even on the things that seem impulsive or spur of the moment immediate. i can calculate and formulate certain things in my head in an contingency plans A B C when deciding if we can let a new animal in and i can start implementing the plans almost immediately and shift in mid stream if plan A or B suddenly for some reason becomes a no-go dud.

i can do this because bringing in and meeting the initial admission needs of new animals is second nature to brain just kicks into that well worn, fairly accurate mode and it goes.

but other things absolutely just boggle me...people issues, technical shit (lke computers, cell phones and remote controls) and my absolute not so favorite sleep disruptor.... i don't know what the hell is wrong with you sick or not sick animals...(ie gideon and wilbur.)
i think about them constantly..i go over possible cause and effects over and over in my head. i try this and that and hope for a solution and if we don't get one, i eventually hit the stand still..take a really deep breath, slow down and relax. i think about the possibility at a time..i rule out carefully everything, one thing at a time. i try to find the baseline...that point that they are actually at and then start slowly adding or subtracting. all the time thinking, over and over again. wht are they saying...what is actually happening, what is working or not working so i can come up with a workable plan.

i think this is how blindness feels when our blind dogs suddenly do not know where they are...a cautious step forward...oops a bump into something, a cautious step back...ok that is clear..a step to the right or the left and feel what happens there. suddenly they have a mental map of one foot they cautiously can map out the next small spot. it takes a bit of trial and error, one tiny step at a time but eventually they have the full map of where they are and where it is safe to go.

the problem is that naturally i am usually in a hurry so i don't really make a very good blind dog while trying to figure things out.



I think they call this the Nursing Process... or at least they used to back in the day.

Another saying that we used to have "A good nurse learns to improvise".

Carol you are the absolute pro in both respects