Rescue Journal

does anyone know anyone in misson....

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2012

who can do a clean up and who hauls shit away for a living?
i will pay them whatever they want but i need it done asap.

i had the front yard tree pruned yesterday and because i was just expecting a pile of a few branches..i said we could burn the pruned bits here. but there is 3/4's of a tree in my front yard and driveway. randy says he does not know if and when he wll have time to haul it out as he is now unfortunately busy with other clients.

i was going to at least clear out the front yard after work last night so the dogs could go out for a pee but those branches right now are all twisted, intertwined, stuck together and too heavy for me to drag around after a work day.

i should never have gotten that tree pruned before the open house...big time stupid of me. i just added a giant freaking mess to the list of things to clean up. i can't find the god damn phone book to actually call around and find somebody and i am working today and tomorrow.

so if someone knows someone or can find somone in the phone book for me who could hopefully do it today... please get them to call me on my cell phone (604-339-5144) cuz that current disasterous mess will drive me completely insane.

in the meantime...note to not let manny out in the front yard, if he gets tangled up in branches he could break a leg.



I just used Big Phil's Rubbish Removal personally and he was great. 778-892-4515


Hey - did you see that Bif Naked gave you a shoutout on Twitter?


Carol, worst case I can haul it away for you on Sunday morning.... if someone tells me where in Mission to take it to