Rescue Journal

tina has lost her scream.

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2012

hmmm....odd. now why is that?

i will be honest...i should like her much better when her hysterical high pitched screaming is not peircing my head but now i am wondering why she has suddenly stopped doing that?

she is eatng and drinking and pooping and peeing. she is still cuddling, kissing and playing kill carol's hand. she still makes her drama queen funny little baby sounds whenever we happen to be goofing around.
did she finally discover a bit of decorum and patience now that she hit the golden age of 15 and she no longer feels the need to cut loose and hysterically scream??

or is it simply because the trigger for her screaming is no longer here?

really tina? was it just fergus's constant flitting and flightiness that drove you insane? was it just that sweet, utterly innocent, little, hyperactive, perpetual in some kind of motion cocker that drove you completely screamingly nutz? was your screamng, ear splitting hysteria only about that pure spirited, energized dumb-dumb ball obsessed bunny that i miss so much?

oh fer gotta be kidding me...fergus leaves and tina stops screaming?

i wish he was back, i miss him and now that i think of it...i suppose i also miss tina's outraged at flighty fergus ear shattering screams.

it is pretty damn eerily quiet in my bedroom at night is slightly weirding me out.



positive thoughts to rumple and howie and hugs to their moms!

lynne is right tim hortons is being called to account for their decisions regarding the treatment of farm animals from their suppliers.

the change is beginning because the public is starting to demand a more humane life for farmed animals.
we always did have the power...we just needed to use it..producers will produce what the consumers insist they must have.

it is probably best if good hearted folks check with our board of directors first before entering us in various is a big and complicated corporate world out there and we should probably check things out before we get involved in some things.

jamie bryk

Sending postive thoughts to you Maggie & Rumple! Just know that Rumple loves you as much as you love him.

Does any one know how Holly is tonight?


No worries Ashley; You look after Howie. We'll be fine tomorrow. Hope his recovery is swift and complete. Mystic will miss Belle, but at least you won't have to bathe Belle after her play session. She's so cute all full of mud!


Rumple was in for a couple of hours for tests but won't know anything until Monday when the results come back from the lab. Dr. Loff feels the best we can hope for is Cushings but more probably major liver which is not good. My understanding is if it is his liver the prognosis is pretty dire.
As soon as I know anything on Monday I will post a comment. Think good thoughts...I love this old boy.


Sorry but I won't make it in tomorrow. My dog Howie had to have emergency surgery for an abdominal bleed today! He's home recovering now but I need to stay with him. I know you all will understand!


i am not too happy with tim hortons right now. while they are great with the kids they get their eggs fron battery chickens and their meat from animals in very small caged pens. i had received an email from a lady who is petitioning against their practices she is with the humane society 90 percent of chickens in canada are in very small cages they can not move they have their beaks cut off. there are four to a cage they produce up to a year and then have their throats slit. and this is canada. i stupidly went on and watched a vidoe of their life and 2 minutes into it i was crying. i buy my eggs from a free range farm in abby. it just makes me sick to think of this happening we are supposed to be a superior species on earth. i call bullshit we only think about ourselves and what we can get at any cost to the animals. i for one wont be going to tim hortons until they change their ways. if anyone wants a link to this please let me know and i will provide it.


The doggy daycare I used to work at...we had one black lab Jake who LOVED to steal tim horton cups.If our drinks weren't up high enough out of his reach...well then no point getting mad at him. I guess its cause his mom was a cop and he got to lick out her cups


Bunny, I just checked out the Tim Horton's every cup story - Very cool!
Carol, really? Fergus was the cause of all that noise from Tina? Wow, that's crazy - Maybe Odie's ear peircing howls are caused by another's presence too? Just kidding.

Bunny Horne

MO - I've got fruits and carrots for the barn guys tomorrow.
Carol - I've got some stuffies for the dogs - 2 of them are mallard ducks for you know who.

Bunny Horne

PLEASE VOTE - Carol and Ziggy are featured on Tim Horton's every cup stories. vote.

Go Ziggy, Go Ziggy.