Rescue Journal

thx to bunny, ali and maggie...

Carol  ·  Jun. 14, 2012


gideon has 13 bags of timothy cubes at his disposal...and he damn well better eat them cuz we are soon reaching a critical juncture with him. janice gave him a small mix of sweet feed and the broodmare/foal pellets tonight and he seemed to really like them. he didn't eat it all but he ate a fair bit.

it is pretty wonderful how time and time again, when one of our guys really needs something, various people always find some way to come thru for them!!!!
i had some trouble with his antibiotic injection i tried to give it in his butt muscle and i could not get the freaking thing in! i finally after trying twice with A LOT of pressure, switched up to his neck muscle and the needle easily slipped in. someone's gotz a tough old butt!

anyway... tonight i am not going to worry..gideon will decide if he wants to eat and keep going or not. he has the best of feeds available, he has his favorite fresh apples and pears and he has decided he likes fig newtons and now he has his timothy cubes all soaked and soft and right next to him.

ultimately this is his can lead an anciently old horse to water BUT....

please don't let there be a but a good shining white knight and eat.

here is another thing i might need some help with..i want to get gideon a portable grazing pen so we can put him safely down in the lower pasture with all of that wonderful grass and can move the pen around to fresh grass when needed. but i need to keep him safe from climbing the hills or walking around on the cliff hanging paths..hence the portable horse pen.
.. i found one on line for $1100 and i can scrape tht money together for him is from the states, and they will only ship it as far as sumas..we would have to go to the sumas warehouse to get it and i can't cross the border (cuz i still haven't gotten that god damn border crossing card.) is there someone with a pick up truck who is comfortable with cross border shopping and custom declarations to go get it, take it thru customs (i will pay the duty) and deliver it here? the panels are very light (26 pounds each)..there are (7)-10 foot panels in total so not heavy load but awkward because of the panel's length.

if so, please let me know and i will order it for gideon. once ordered and paid would be here in about three days or so.

oh hey! i can see someone in the barn camera with his nose in the timothy cube bowl..oh shit, he just moved away.
i can see ziggy has just turned the barn lights on...he is such an odd little donkey.

ok..i am not going to sit here all night watching the lights go on and off or getting excited and then depressed when gideon moves to and from his feed bowl...that will drive me nutz.

hot bath... lush bath bomb..and by the way....thank you very much to the sneaky new bath bomb fairy.



You're so sweet to offer. Even the two hour car ride to Kamloops is really hard on the old boy. I can't imagine what four plus hours in the car would do to him. We're happy to stay home and look after our big ol' puppy. I just wish he were a tad lighter than his 106 pounds--makes getting him upstairs too hard for me. Fred helps him when he gets home from work. I'm sure your achy back can relate to my achy back, haha. Not too much baking going on in this house. I can do it, but then I want to eat it all. When we come down next, I'll bake you something.


well if you ever need to get away again..i could free up the office for him for a week or two, private suite, easy access to a small private yard, he would be ok there for a bit while you de-stress behind the lens....apparently i can easily be bought for bath bombs..(oh and mom's recipe chocolate cookies, or apple pie or grandma's you still cook????)


Max's age and disabilities have limited us to day trips (sigh) which is tough for us old wanderlust photographers. Mike was very kind to take care of Max back in April for two weeks so we could shake off the dust and stress from work so we could explore New Mexico. So, while we are eager to travel again and would love to visit you, you'll have to settle for cyber hugs for now. :-(


hugs right back to you! are you and fred coming this way any time soon?

cheryl and steph that would be great! i will look at finalizing the order and let you know when and where..(i just have to check whats left in my savings bond account so i know which package to order.)


"border crossing" card AND a current up-to-date US passport. At least you're trapped on the right side of the border. ((((hugs)))

cheryl and stef

Hey Carol, We are always at Ship Happens in Sumas picking up items. If you need someone to pick up the fencing still let us know. We are heading down then in the next week or so.


Just a reminder I am bringing up a reporter from the Mission Record tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm