Rescue Journal

Raven is here

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2012

and oh my gosh when he puts his full weight back on he is going to be stunning! he is too funny, he has eaten all of his dinner and every time we went out to check on him, he had a big tuft of hay in his mouth.
ziggy is quite fascinated with him and i can see the tips of ziggy's ears over the stall door,,(this is of course whenever ziggy turns the lights on..when they are off i can't see as well.)

the trailer got stuck in the field..looks a bit like a muddy war zone now. oh well i will fix it if it ever stops raining..tonight i am just glad that raven got here safe and sound.

the cruelty officer that brought him out got to see a lot of her previous charges...tess, june and benny and the mp communal cats, plus she knew charlotte and wills..she was happy they all looked so well. and the hauler was the one who helped fish brad pitt out of the pitt river so she was really happy to see him again. it was like a happy rescue reunion!

well i am kind of far behind here now, better get the diabetics done up. so glad we have the cameras so i can kep an eye tonight on raven cuz i will be nervous for the first couple of weeks that he may colic cuz he is not used to eating. YAY!!!! i don't have to traipse out to the barn all night long to see him!!!!



I knew with his name he would be a black and wonder what his story is ... see you on Monday big guy. Hey Czar now you a have someone to play with if Ziggy lets ya of course that is if Flicka lets Ziggy lol !!