Rescue Journal

all of the barn guys are blended

Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2012

raven's addition to the saints herd caused barely a stir...except for pyscho flicka who was bound and determined that ziggy got no where near that new one.
ziggy tried his hardest to sneak past her to say hello but flicka wasn't having any of that..her baby is NOT allowed to talk to strangers.
raven's head has not come up out of the food since he got here...he should plump up pretty quick at this rate.
anyway so far so good..raven is content just to eat and everyone is content to let him.




Bunny - that's a great 'hourly rate!' too bad about the crappy weather though...:(

Carol Ann

oh he is very handsome. and Ziggy our sweet welcoming committee of one. Bless his heart.


can Flicka go in a stall so little Ziggy can get his own needs met by being able to greet Raven or would she simply kick the door off?

Barbara F.

Boy is he a handsome boy, he'll be magnificent when he is at his perfect weight.
I cannot wait to see him.

Bunny Horne

Carol, well the sun came out for a couple of minutes, but the rain stayed away. Unfortunately we can't say the same about the gale force winds. We had to get assistance taking the booth down 3.5 hours into the festival. We were at the beach end of Denman Street and the winds were crazy. It was great and then it wasn't, I was screaming at Brent as he was darting all over the street grabbing stuff. Eventually all of the vendors on our end of the street packed up - including us.
It's always weird meeting "your public". So many people know of you or have worked with you. Many people speak so highly of you and the work you do at Saints. Met a couple of people from SPCAs not in BC that even know about Carol and Saints Rescue.
Then of course there are always the nay-sayers,such as the disabled man who thought all of the animals should be put down. I expected better from a disabled person, but the human race never ceases to amaze me.
In our 3 1/2 hours on Denman Street we took in $146.30 which we will bring with us next Sunday. My goal was $200, or $33 / hour. Our actual take per hour was $41.80 so had the weather cooperated we would have made our goal.


He's so handsome! Besides looking the way he does physically. Horses are my favorite animal.What breed is he if you know?