Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Jun. 17, 2012

there was extra scrubbing and cleaning and tidying going on all over the place...once again the left over laundry just poofed disappeared, there was lunch for me in the house fridge and a great dinner left for me over in the suite fridge. michelle, our neighbor from the house build across the street came over tonight and helped me with the barn bedtime..she is also now raven's very first sponsor...yay raven, see! lots of folks already care about you!!

brad was so cute at bedtime..i let him out for a quick bop around the riding ring while i was getting set up for the bedtime feed. he goofed round for awhile and when i finally had his supper bowl in hand, the little bugger actually raced ahead to beat me back into his pen. charlotte and wills could take some lessons from brad about positioning themselves politely for dinner!

gideon is not really eating those timothy cubes...grhh, he is such an uncooperative beast!
i am so intellectually aware that at 37 years old, he simply won't live forever..but emotionally i just can't grasp it.
gideon came in 6 months after i started saints....that was almost exactly 7 years ago. he has taught me about not only horses, and aging issues..but he has also taught me about white knights in shining armour, about patience and forgiveness and wisdom and the quiet trickiness of feed room raiders and lock pickers. he has taught me the simple joy of things like timbits, and of protecting his family and loyalty like when he was hiding spritely's sore leg from me. he taught me about universal friendship and acceptence and when he peacefully is sharing his dinner with sheep or letting them hide under him when they are scared.

out of all of the treachers i have had in my life..gideon has by far taught me the most.
gideon has been my mentor thru so many things that i had to learn...i sometimes feel like a child compared to his wisdom and all of the things that thru the years he has learned.

there are animals here who are the wise ones, the teachers, the ones who have figured almost all of life out. gideon is the king of them all and i don't understand what is could he who is so much here be getting so frail and so old?



i asked the vet about vitamin and steroid injections..he said no to both..i can't remember why he said no to the vitamins..but it was related to the B's causing other problems if he wasn't eating anddrinkng enough and the steriods he said no to because gideon is too old and it could crash his immune system.

cheryl and stef

Carol, You might already use this but we have some equi sol that stimulates the horses appetite if you would like to have some of it i can bring it by. Also when Angel was not eating Dr Moates came out and gave her a steroid injection to help stimulate her appetite. Then it gets repeated every 7 - 10 days for a few weeks. That might work for gideon.

Hard to see them not eat.