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i am bagged.

Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2012

i have a starter plan for charley...and i stumbled upon it by accident. i spent a good portion of last evenining researching various mobile and free standing chicken pens hoping to find the ultimate appropriate fairy tale castle for our little wounded guy. this morning i wanted him out of the rabbit room (read further..this was a really good move!) in case cliff slipped back in there so i quickly set up a playpen in the mp room for him and i realized it is almost exactly perfect. the mesh sides are not practical so i am having a wire sided playpen built...and charley will also get a simple portable outside playpen to hang out for a few hours on the nice days.
best of both inside as a handicapped rooster yet free to safely scratch around outside in the grass for a few hours each day.

interestingly enough..lucky is quite peacefully drawn to him..she spent hours laying next to the playpen and charley really seemed to like having her near. they are both watching the sound of music together tonight.
weird place this is...a horse who is obsessed with a donkey and now we have a blind dog who is befriending a crippled rooster..these guys are just odd.

anyway...good thing i moved charley to the playpen cuz laura found a little stray bunny today.. he or she is now in where charley was in the rabbit room and cliff is fine with that....roosters are not ok but bunnies are A-ok.

tons and tons of cleanups got done today..the place is coming togther really well. i still have to get in there and clean that freaking shop but slowly and surely we are getting there.

new incoming tomorrow....a little old skinny goat rescued from a pack of dogs chasing him. i pick him up from the shelter tomorrow and he can have crosby's old empty pen til i can get the vets out to neuter him (then he can join the other goats.)

speaking of neuters..tomorrow is teddy's neuter day. janice and i will take him out to abbotsford and leave him at the clinic and then keep going onwards to pick up the new old goat.

tomorrow is also sheep shearing day and carl gets sheared on friday. the side fencing in the bottom field is 3/4's done so as soon as that grass is ready the barn guys can all go down there again.

laura took bambi, mini me, jerry and tina for grooming..thx laura and terry... they all look super great!

new couch is here...looking good!

gideon's portable safety pen is here.

raven (we are calling him ray now) is doing really well.

odin's mom brought him out with mo for a visit, he looks great! he has become the dog he was always meant to be and all because he found a great family!!!!

our last visitor tonight was one of the RBC volunteers from a few weeks ago...she brought out a cheque for $1000 from RBC..perfect timing... that will help with teddy's and raven's and the new goat's vet bills....super nice and generous folks!

i think that is all of the news today...

i am pretty much done for tonight ..i just have piles and piles of clean laundry left to fold.


Bunny Horne

Carol, I sent a photo of Sassy's cat tree that she hates. Let me know if it's a fit for Saints. If not I will flog it at the west end yard sale early July.

Anne - I'll return your DVD player and wicker basket on Sunday - we'll give it to you when all the visitors have left.

We will bring some breakfast bars (Cinnabon) on Sunday for the early visitors, cheeses and cracker assortments for the food table.

West End Yard Sale reminder - thank you Helga and Anne for your donations. If any other volunteers have some items that we can take to the west end (English Bay area) yard sale in Vancouver for early July please bring them out AFTER the Open House. Clearly mark them for Bunny/Brent so that they don't go in the trash. I believe we will be on site for sure on Canada Day stat coverage - Monday July 2nd assuming Jenn/Carol needs volunteers that day. 100% of the proceeds from the yard sale goes to SAINTS RESCUE.

Jenn, I sent an email, but didn't see a response. Do you need my canopy/tent on the Sunday? If not, no worries.

Carol, we will post a sign on Sunday for the trailer - so any visitors can view it if they wish. Also it's been reposted on Kijiji advising viewings are Sunday the 24th.


just a learning experience from us....if the bunny found is a female get her spayed asap (as gestation is 28 days) and the world & saints don't need more baby bunnies ;-)
I am sure you will have it done but if it is a girl, the sooner the better