Rescue Journal

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2012

now that we know for sure that gracie and teddy are really having babies....we need to build them an appropriate home. they cannot live in the shop forever and finding a solid gold, forever and ever pig home for the family, is probably not going to be all that easy. looks like we better get busy building a home for this soon to be expanding family.

i may have horse shoes up my ass cuz somehow we always find a way to keep going...but i am pretty sure there ain't no extra 3 or 4 thousand dollars up there right now... which is a bit of a drag. the only thing i can think of to raise some money, is maybe having a scratch and dent animal sale..we could sell odie and puff daddy.

sigh...ziggy has the barn lights on...he must be ready for breakfast. that little kilowatt waster sure wakes up early. maybe i could sell him too and our electrical bill would go down....that could save us some money.

i should have probably named him something like....sparky. day today, oh please beat me to death with a wet noodle.
if i had some place else to move the pigs, budgies and sam and lea...we could just blow that building up and i could forever be done with having to clean it.

you can bet that if there really is a hell and if i end up having to go will be a freaking big and disasterous, overful shop that i will spend eternity trying to organize and tidy.

that would so hugely suck big time...i better be good cuz (shudder) i don't ever want to go there!


another Doreen

And Carol likes Lush bath bombs and Pirate Peanut Butter cookies...


hi doreen..parking shouldn't be an issue and you can bring treats for the animals but we discourage feeding the treats on the tours (cuz our guys are all greedy gluttonous bastards and might knock a nice visitor over!)

the barn guys and rabbits like apples and carrots, the cats like temptations, the dogs like begging strips, the pigs like fig newtons, the budgies like millet stix, and the chickens/ducks like corn on the cob.

Doreen from Maple Ridge

Carol, I am soooooooooooo looking forward to the open house this weekend. I have never been to Saints yet. I am trying for Sunday. Is parking a problem when you have alot of people coming and going? I have a box to bring of items that i have put together from Saints wishlist. Is it ok to bring treats for the animals when meeting them and if so, what is best?

Bunny Horne

NOOOOOO don't sell Ziggy. I'm sure he's working for BC Hydro - he's a not-so-smart meter.
Don't forget that I gave Jenn a ton of photos recently of various popular Saints. Maybe you an have them out for the open house and sell them.