Rescue Journal

quick news

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2012

i ran a few errands this morning, then took a couple of hours off to rest my messed up knees, hopefully if i do this each day, my legs will be better before i return to work on monday.

apparently, ziggy is not ready for bed...he has the lights back on already!

that little guinea pig squirt is freaking bedtime i refilled her food bowl and gave her some more hay and she is very friendly and interactive....sweet pig.

the frail guys in the mp room are doing really well. i am pretty damn pleased with how riley is doing....she looks (and smells) better with her bath and brush out...she is eating full meals three times a day, the med combo seems to be working cuz at times she is up on her own and checking things out. her vet visit is for thursday and we will do bloodwork and see what that all says before we decide about her fixing teeth. it is a very good mix of dogs in there...everyone is relaxed and content and every single one of them loves to eat in peace!
tonight they are watching transformers...personally i think it is a stupid movie, but they don't care.

friday i am taking a couple of the dogs to a therapy pet day at one of the prisons..the guys raised $300 dollars for saints last year and would love to meet some of the dogs. i said i should take odie cuz maybe i could leave him there!

flora's bloodwork is is her kidneys. she will stay in on IV's until tomorrow and i will pick her up and bring her home tomorrow afternoon. we are going to start her on some kidney support meds and see how she does.

sorry... not much news tonight cuz i wasn't around much of the action today....



Thanks Carol, I would love to do "visits" with Saints. With my Georgia Peach and Debra being in the MP Room together, I will stopping in for sure.


If the guinea pig is a girl, they are super easy to bond with another pig. Not like rabbits ;-p
If you can send us pics and a write up, we can help place her as often we have people wanting a single for their current pig.
We only adopt in pairs or to places that have a pig since they really need a friend. SO if you have a single, I am sure we can find her a friend.
Let me know.


and I forgot about Georgia also being in the MP room. Wow, the kitchen should be a snap to clean now with just Odie and Squirt


I love the comments from visitors about how CLEAN everything was - since we all worked so hard to get and keep it that way!
Oh, and on that topic, just a reminder to Sunday "house" volunteers - I am away this coming weekend. Jenn knows, but just a heads up.
Carol, I'm so glad to hear that Riley is doing better. I guess I'll spend some time in the MP room now on Sundays, as well as the house, to see Manny, Tess and Riley - as there will be more cleaning up and laundry to do there too, and getting Manny up and out. That sounds like a good mix with Lucky. I hope Odie doesn't touch my Squirt tho.

shelagh f

just a quick note, off topic, that I won't be out this week. Brought the food on Sunday and have lots of things
going on this week, and away for the weekend. Haven't
got anyone to take my foster kittens yet, so will probably have to bring them with us to the cottage, 2 dogs and 3 kittens, already a van full. My friend who came with me to the open house, was so impressed at how
clean and organized everything was. Have a nice
deserved, sort of, rest this week, if you can Carol.


Hi Jamie, hope to see you Saturday .
Carol, is Suirt up for adoption? My daughter has been really wanting one.


thx is probably too late for this visit cuz visitors have to have criminal record checks done before being allowed in the gates. i will remember to let you know if we are asked to go again.


Carol I think the "therapy pet day" is a great idea. Not sure what is involved, but if you need any help or company Yoda, Jedi and I would love to join you. Great news for everyone in the MP room, but sure will miss them in the house.


i needed the kitchen clear for odie. and i couldn't put all of them in the computer room....too many. plus we have been talking for quite awhile about having an exclusively frail dog area....the time was right and an appropriate space was available to get it done since dusty has passed away.


i was just wondering what led you to put the dogs in the mp room i would assusme that manny has more room there but what about tessa, less stress?


shrek's eye surgery went well. He's resting in a kennel at work till i'm off. hopefully everything will start to heal properly and he'll get rid of his cone soon.