Rescue Journal

squirt is a little bit perplexed....

Carol  ·  Jun. 26, 2012

"hey...where did all of my kitchen friends go?"

he has been hanging with me in the computer room more than he usually does. i told him this morning...there really weren't all that many kitchen buds left....holly passed away and jedi, yoda, pinky, kobe and papa john all found homes. georgia, manny and tess are in the mp room and bambi, pepper, and jazzy are still right here...on this side of the door.

we actually are fairly well distributed right now...except for my bedroom..which still has a few too many bodies laying on or somewhere in the close vicinity of my bed. we could even that area out a bit if some of those little bed buddy freaks would just move over into the big dog room.... but...i already know that they won't.

since i have significantly increased the workload in the mp room by adding in several large, incontinent and mobility challenged dogs...we have to increase the staffing hours over there to ensure everyone gets the care that they need. so i need to give some thought to how to figure that all out and readjust some of the paid working hours to better meet the animals' needs.

up til now i have been pretty flexible..asking folks what hours/days they would like to work, and i will continue to do that as much as i can. but i think maybe now we have really reached the point where i need to look at what the animals need folks to work first and foremost...and then slot in the people who want to work those hours/shifts so it works well for us all.

so calling all mon-friday staff..including janette and erin (who both will be back here in the fall)...i need to talk to everyone asap to find out who is available when and their preferred area (s) of working...and then i can try to come up with a reasonably consistent and workable plan.

i am glad to see thru the camera lens, that finally gideon and raven have woken and gotten up...they were both laying in their stalls like dead horses and were beginning to worry me. i am glad they both felt comfortable enough to lay down and sleep and i am even more glad they are both now up and back on their feet!

wow...and what a positive change in esther! her confidence is back up again since i booted odie the occasional beast out of her room!

one rotten apple odie....geez you are lucky you are so freaking cute.



Thanks Brenda...I went back and looked at the blog as well but didn't see it anywhere. Everytime I was in the house this weekend I kept forgeting to ask you where they went.

So a very late YAH!!! for Yoda and Jedi on finding a forever home.


Dawn: Jedi and Yoda were adopted by Jamie - the "house" volunteer on Saturdays. I don't remember this being posted on the blog, but I asked and found out this weekend, as I missed them too. - and I met Jamie on Saturday, and I have no worries about Yoda and Jedi being with her - She's great!


I was wondering on the weekend where Jedi and Yoda went. Did they get adopted?


A crash course on caring for guinea pigs is on my agenda!

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with Cole and his beautiful cards, which he was selling at the open house. By end of day Saturday, he said he'd sold close to $150 with proceeds to SAINTS. Not sure what the final total was. What a great young guy.