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An oasis for elderly animals

Jenn  ·  Jun. 28, 2012

Great 2 min video by Adrian MacNair featuring Maggie, champion of our 1000 Saints sponsorhip program and many of our special senior and special needs animals!


This video was part of the recent Mission City Record story An oasis for elderly animals



I was thinking of suggesting honey. I have seen good results with it too. It's nice here, miss everyone though. My dogs allergies seem better here so that is a real blessing, however, I seem to have developed some myself lol. I am happy to hear that so many of your guys got adopted - didn't know Papa John went out. That's great.


i switched to the medical honey, and it took off in it's healing....almost completely healed now.

how's revelstoke treating you???


Carol, we stopped at Lush on Robson and got you a few bath bombs, did you say your favourite was the one called "sex bomb"? We'll drop them to you this Sunday.


Does anyone know of anybody that would want to adopt a ten month old male unneutered lab? A coworker of a friend is getting rid of him because of new strata rules! :( Free to a good home...