Rescue Journal

i got my hair cut today...

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2012

the lady was super nice..asked me what i wanted. i said..i don't care do what you want as long as it is short.
she did a good job with whatever she did but i can't quite decide who i look like now....
maybe barbie's grandmother...or...
george washington.
everyone gets a break for a while from the crazy cat lady doo so i am happy with that.

i also paid some of the bills (gas/electric etc..) including the accountants year end fee..with wages also coming out this week..we are broke again... oh freaking yipee.

flora is home from the vets..i moved her over to the medical room pen so i could watch her closely. riley is also home from the vets and her bloodwork should be back tomorrow.

pet therapy at the abbotsford pen tomorow...we have to be there by 8 am..yikes! i have decided to take shane and joey...they ought to both enjoy the outting.

ok better go do the diabetics cuz i wll have to do them early tomorrow before i leave.



Carol, are you going to post a picture of yourself with your new hairdo!!!

Bunny Horne

Absolutely they will love the outing especially if a stop at McDs is on the itinerary. Can't wait to hear how the day goes.


Haha, I sure would like to see the Barbie's Grandma / Washington cut. :)


That is such a great idea with going to the Pen tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Is it a co-Ed one ? Joey isn't too fond of men.