Rescue Journal


Jenn  ·  Jul. 1, 2012

Help ...


The power is out at SAINTS since 6 this morning and BC Hyrdo estimates that it wont be back on until later tonight. SAINTS has no water and also cannot do any laundry and it is piling up and stinking :( if anyone is able or willing to stop by and grab a bag or two it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.



Hi Carol
I took three loads and left the pizza! Thank goodness the power is back on so you can zap said pizza...


thx diana and i think someone else might have grabbed some when i was out (and put pizza in the fridge???)
and thank goodness for both of you cuz by the time i pulled the shop laundry over to the house and took all of the new wet stuff out of the mp room at bedtime..i <em>will </em>be doing laundry for most of the night!

the power came back on around 5pm while we were out putting the barn guys to bed...first load is in..maybe another 8 or 9 to do..yikes... but there you serves me right for rescuing a ton of incontinent animals.
next life only animals with good bladder and bowel control will pass thru my (very dry) door!!!!


Yea Diana !! it is Carols last day of vacation and the last thing she would want is to do laundry all night.


I will come up and get some right now. Should be there in about 1/2 hour.