Rescue Journal

no power sucks big time!!!!

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2012

but since we have power back on now, i guess i will be grateful and not complain.
(but i so want to bitch and whine about how no power today has ruined my what if it was only for one single day!)

it was a good barn bedtime...michelle and christine came to help. it was nice to have company and someone to push wheelbarrows and help hand out feed bowls..i could get spoiled with this.

the rock is better today...yesterday he crashed and i whipped him down to the vet..we are waiting for his bloodwork to come back but my guess is it is probably his kidneys...the rock is not only feline leukemia positive, but he is also VERY old.

ok so folks have to quit buying me lush bath bombs..i am starting to feel a little bit guilty cuz i know how much those things cost. i am pretty damn excited to have them and am really looking forward to a bombed out bath tonight but i don't want you guys spending your money on me cuz it makes me feel guilty!

bambi just puked up what looked like probably was cuz bambi is a poop eater. i cleaned it up quick before she could re-eat it cuz she would have re-eaten it again if i wasn't so fast.
and this is why bambi, you will probably never find a real home of your own cuz that is just totally disgusting and gross!

odie is chewing on his tail again tonight..i told him to knock it off cuz if he keeps it up, i am going to have to clean it and put on some antibiotic cream. odie just freaking well try it and i will bite off your hand.

i must be going crazy because of the types of conversations i think the animals and i have.

well i better go fold some gawd damn laundry oh freaking yay.



don't feel guilty, carol. we all have to have some kind of treat. it's harmless and is a well-deserved gift. :-)


Relax and enjoy your bath mobs Carol. You deserve it !!

Glad to hear my favorite feline 'the Rock' is a little better. I was quite worried abut him yesterday. Please keep us updated

Bomb Fairy(s)

Carol you work very hard at your paying job, then come home to your Saints family whom you take amazing care of. You make sure that everyone knows that they are loved (yes even Odie), all of their needs are considered and not just met but exceed all expectations.

For as long as I have been reading your blog you don't ask for anything for yoursel, Saints first always. People like to help care for you, meet your needs, making sure you are eating, help your muscles relax & your brain rest(even if it only temporary) what better way than in your bath with a bomb

If it will help you to NOT feel guilty just think of it as something we are doing for Saints not you, something we truly want to do for you! We need a healthy, relaxed, calm you, as YOU are Saints. Please just lay back and enjoy!


No problem about the bath bomb's, no need for you to feel guilty, looking forward to your blog on the said "sex" bomb.

How was Brad at bedtime? Less uncomfortable I hope.