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here comes the sun la-da-la-da.

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2012

i saw in the weather forecast...2 solid weeks of sunshine coming our way (starting on wednesday)...i hope for once the forecast is right. we really need that bottom pasture to dry up. i do think it might be too late to do much with the upper field now, but in any case that grass needs a rest. maybe if we are lucky it will start raining after the 2 weeks and i can re-seed and fertilize up there, weird freaking weather, who knows?

thx lynne for comng up and checking on all of the guys...everything was good when i got home which was really nice! one of the nurses wants to trade me shifts, so i think on thurs/friday, i will go back down to dayshifts...that will work out better for all of us.

esther is getting so old....i can hear and feel her hips creaking and crackling when i help her to get up. we have three basically downed dogs now..(chance doesn't count cuz he never could get up...) but riley, manny and esther all need to be lifted up to their feet. we probably get them each up, every couple of hours so combined that is a helluvalot of lifting. manny is doing better on the lino in the mp room because it is not as slippery as the lino over here but at over 130 pounds, still when he needs help...that is one very big dog to be lifting.

gideon is doing so much better with his eating...hopefully he will soon start packing back on some much needed pounds. raven is starting to fill out but that is no surprise considering how much that sweet little horse loves eating. i didn't get home til a bit late on my dinner break to put the barn guys to bed...raven came flying along the fence line, his head and tail up, so excited that finally something relating to supper was happening at last!!!! gosh, he is one stunningly gorgeous (and hungry) boy!

doc. the little starved goat is also putting on weight..hopefully we can get him neutered in the next 4-6 weeks if his weight keeps increasing...he is lonely all by himself.

janice told me not to freak out cuz teddy and gracie are going bald..she said they are just losing their winter bristles...i hope they lose them all soon cuz right now they look all patchy and odd.

well..i guess i better hit the drug store today and stock up on several bottles of head and shoulders 2in1 sensitive scalp shampoo/ is what works best for chance's thick crusting skin issues with his frequent doesn't dry out his skin.

hope everyone has a decent last rainy day today...i bet everyone is looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow!


shelagh f

off topic, Ashley posted a few days ago regarding
a friend needing a new home for a 10 month old
lab. I know of someone looking for a young, bigger
dog, so maybe you could email me and we can put
these guys together and they can figure out the rest.
The lady I know is a school teacher and off for the
summer and just had to put their 14 year old golden
down. Please email me Ashley, since I don't know
your email and we can see what happens


Thanks Lynn that is really great of you to stop by and check on everyone. I know that will put Carol's mind at ease.


your welcome, it was great seeing them all by themselves. hilda could not stop licking my face which pissed jerry off. when i went into the mp building both times not one of them knew i was there. they were sound asleep. will come again tonight and tomorrow night. i thought there would be way more of a mess than there was. was surprised. pleasantly of course lol will come by also about 430 just to make sure esther has not got herself into a predicament. have a good day at work.