Rescue Journal

boring day

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2012

i was bored today so i was thinking...
do you think i am who i am because i rescue animals...or do you think i rescue animals because of who i am?

it makes a difference because one is a choice and the other is just the way i was made.

i settled all the little buggers to bed in the mp room. flora was moved today back to the communal area...she didn't like being in a medical room pen. we wil have to watch her carefully to make sure she is eating and drinking well. i gave her some soupy food for supper, she ate some but not a lot.

can the rabbit room folks up the bunnies feeding a bit please? every night i am finding empty pellet bowls...they should have enough to last at least closer to morning.

i managed to wash my hair one handed today, so i am feeling marginally better tonight. i pretty much did diddly squat else tho...just stayed out of everyone's way so my bad mood didn't get spread around.

no news is good news around here.



I do agree with Sheila. I think you go full circle. You rescue because of who you are ... a calling, so to speak. Then, rescuing changes who you are (as does everything you do, think, feel in life.)


You need to dig a little deeper...It's Grandma's fault. You were doomed from the start. ;-)


I am not sure if your definition is the same as mine but I think in the beginning you rescued animals because of you are but somewhere in that process of rescuing animals it began to shape who you were becoming and so you are now who you are because you rescue animals. So the way you were made has led you to the choices you make today. Is that convoluted enough of an answer for you?