Rescue Journal

are you kidding me????

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2012

my hair resembles a drunk and dirty george washington, my finger looks like a stuffy (and getting grubby) white penis, my eyes are puffy and sore and this morning i wake up with a freaking cold sore????
honestly...i am not all that into vanity but really, even my 'doesn't really give a shit' self image is feeling a bit low.

i need a week in a darkened hotel room where no one can see me.

whatever, won't get it.. i will have to settle for my freaking beat up dog house at pooh corner.

sometimes i wonder what god was thinking when he came up with shit like osteoporosis, menopause and crazy cat ladies. it is all right up there with not fun shit like cold sores and leprosy.

oh yay and here comes another hot flash too.

i am so not in a positive mind frame this mornng.



aww, no!!

i think your body is saying, "AUUUUUGHHHH!!!!"

take some B. it'll settle the cold sore quickly. either that, or eat something that has high levels of B. my GI always got after me when i got sores in my mouth for having low B levels. it REALLY works.

don't make me come down there and dribble rescue remedy into you. i'll do it!


I think it's your body's way of saying slow down a bit and take care of yourself too! I found drinking sage or peppermint tea helps with the hot flashes! I also tried vitex herbs to balance the hormones but overall menopause is a crappy time!

Take care of yourself and hope the day gets better!

Marla in SD

I SO needed a good laugh (the kind that comes with tears) this morning! I'm so sorry for your pain and I so completely understand the "just exactly what else can go wrong with my body" thing, but this post was hillarious! Have a great weekend!


crazy cat ladies are fine as long as i am not one of them and i would really prefer a cold store to a cold sore, at least that would be helpful durng a hot flash.


Whoooops, that was meant to say "cold sore" not "cold store" - and as a side thought, what's wrong with crazy cat ladies? Tammy & I would both agree that's a compliment, not a failing....


Sorry Carol, I know you're feeling a bit down, but your post is SO funny and gave me a good laugh for the day - even if it wasn't meant to be hilarious! I'm quite sure you don't look anywhere near as bad as you think you do!!!! And the animals don't care if you have a cold store & puffy eyes - they love you.