Rescue Journal

protecting myself

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2012

sigh...lets just add 24 hour headache that won't go away to my already long list of personal woes...

you probably are wondering..why does she have to list each and every woe? is because i don't have the ability to just shut my doors and suffer alone. i live in grand central station, folks are going to notice screwed up dirty hair, a penis on my finger and a cold sore on my lip. but more importantly, they will notice if i am quiet or unfriendly or am in a bad mood, and think it may be that i am a bitch or it has something to do with them when really it is just because my freaking head hurts.

i give everyone fair warning each day i feel like shit, then i don't have to worry that someone will misinterpet whoever...however... i am. everyone can just easily write off me and however i seem today as feeling like crap.



Well you hid it well Carol, you seemed to be in a pretty good mood this morning, penis finger and all ;-)


call me crazy but having a penis on your finger wouldnt be ALL bad! hahaha!