Rescue Journal

today was interesting....

Carol  ·  Jul. 8, 2012

we let all of the barn guys down to the bottom field..pretty much everyone went insane...esp. flicka who threw herself in the pond! luckily she swims pretty darn good!

it was a pretty big tour group thru here today, really nice of them was lucky's previous sponsor. he is generously going to pick another dog to sponsor..i am hoping it is riley, manny or tess.

we had two sets of after hours set was lost for two hours and had missed the 11am tour. and then a couple of folks from the kensington foundation came by later this afternoon. they were doing a check up on the rescues they support so i took them thru on another quick tour.

it made for a busy afternoon.

i had a couple of helpers for barn bedtime tonight so with my injured finger that was good! i was missing michelle cuz i lost her number...(duh) so hopeully she reads this and gives it to me again, only this time make sure i write it down on something permanent like the calender!

everyone is pretty was a long and hot day today. we opened the gates to take the house dogs for one last run and the only ones who came were june, tina, joey and al....everyone else stayed in the air conditioned house.

that new air conditioner from jamie works great so when the other one arrives, we can use it in the mp room which really needs one too.

geez...esther is getting weaker..she is doing the slow and relentless nearing the end of life downslide. she has been such a easy and super sweet dog to care for..not one ounce of pain in the ass attitude in her whole wonderful self. she has been here gracing our lives for many years is so sad to watch her growing so old.

well..i can't go back to work yet but luckily i only had shifts on mon/tues so by my next set i should be ok.

i really need a bath and a hair wash, going to try to do that tonight while keeping my bandage dry....wish me luck with that!
thank you to everyone who carried us thru another weekend...everyone is good here tonight because of you!!!



that dog needs carrying around! not to worry, the more the merrier.... will call you next sunday with approx. time if you are free..might be later cuz i think i working.

just click on the purple shelter challenge button on the side of the blog to vote (under shelter..type in S.A.I.N.T.S.)


Sorry again Carol, I saw you had some help and I didn't want to just get in the way. I could always just come and carry Tina around - I'd love that lol. my number is 615 9354. Also is there a contest starting again? I can't seem to find out how to vote, or even if I can.. Thanks and hope ur finger is feeling much better!

Bunny Horne

I voted. Thanks for the reminder.

Carol, a coworker says "I don't have any clutter to give you for the yard sale - can I give you a cheque for $30?" HELL YEAH. So when we are back out on the 22nd we will bring the cheque and any cash from the yard sale with us.


Don't forget voting begins on the shelter challenge on Monday July 9th.
Need to get back into the habit of voting everyday.


Thanks to new barn volunteers Steve and Marta. I believe they will start to read the blog as it is good resourse info for volunteers. Marta hope the bonk on your head is okay tonight.


Oh i would of loved to have been there to see them all so excited down there.