Rescue Journal

more one finger quickies...soon i should have 2 typing fingers again.

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2012

i am fairly happy with how my bite is healing...downgraded the penile finger bandage to just steristrips and a couple of big-ish bandaides..another day or two and i should be able to bend it without splitting it apart again and that will be good.

today we set up the portable horse corral and xpenned it for the little shop pigs. gideon is doing better so he doesn't need the pen right now and i was wallowing in guilt because the little pigs had no opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine. teddy and gracie are going to have to live in the shop until the babies are born and they grow big enough to be outside and we find the 4 grand to build them a decent family area. anyway..they really liked being able to go outside today and that made me happy for guilt load is significantly reduced.

not too much else going on today...just everyone is feeling the heat. thank god for air conditioning or these old guys would really be suffering and that would NOT be good.



Hmmm, we were lookin last year at guina pigs, as my daughter has been begging us for one. I hate buying from a pet store. We are away this week, but will email Dawn.