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off the hook

Carol  ·  Jul. 10, 2012

for the moment at least. i got a call from one of the AC's.... wrecked dog stuck in the shelter for several weeks, no bites of anyone taking him on. the plan was for me to go get him tonight, but now they decided to put him up on facebook and try to find him a place that way.

great news as far as i am concerned, if he doesn't have to come here that is good. AND now i don't have to jump in the car and drive tonight to pick up a dog...yay!

today was farrier day (she comes every six weeks)...all 4 horses, the donkey and three of the goats were done..that ate up a couple of hours but it is a good use of time...four footed hoof'd animals really need healthy feet.
ziggy was pretty funny while he was waiting his turn...he played around with her equipment and then started goofing around and carrying the lead ropes in his mouth too....super cute!

i think the heat is really getting to riley...sigh...i better go looking for a cheap air conditioner tomorrow. luckily you can sometimes find them for well under $200. can't let her suffer while waiting for a free one to show up. somethings we can wait for but some things i ain't making them wait for when i can easily go and buy it myself. the heat can and does kill old people and old animals...not ever happening here.

we were short staffed today so i helped out a bit in the barn this morning. i thought janice would have a heart attack when she saw me and my herd of helpful little wanna be barn buddies show up...she dealt with it pretty well. she got even this afternoon tho when she very gently and carefully dunked the now really hot little barn buddies in the wading pool to help them cool me and daphne thought that just totally sucked but joey the fat boy thought it was fun!



hey Carol - my friend has one for you. I"ll text her right away this morning and tell her to bring it over today.


if the air conditioners are around maple ridge abby area i could go pick them, it up. let me know.


ahhh...kate and guys rock! thx so much for helping!

nicola..i am writing a quick post of the little guy to give more info.

Doreen from Maple Ridge

Hi Carol, whether or not you get an AC for free or have to buy. I am mailing a $50.00 chq today to help out in this situation.

Kate Dumaresq

I have already had THREE a/c units offered!
I will figure out getting them to you!

Kate Dumaresq

I took the liberty of posting on Craigslist that SAINTS is looking for a/c units, I hope that is ok?
I bet by tommorrow there will be responses, and I could pick it up and bring it to you if need be. If you need to buy one, I can find a good used portable one for ~ $100 on Craigslist, or a widow onefor ~ $50. you wouldn't believe the stuff you can find on Craigslist! (and really cheaply too).
I just hate to see you spend more money than you have to, there are so many other places it can go.

Nicola Peet

Hi I am concerned about the dog from the "AC" ?
Sorry...dont know the lingo...
I would like to help in some way.
Is that an SPCA ?

Ps What you do is unmeasurable....You may not have won
the lottery but your animals have.
What comes around..goes around.
Sometimes it just takes longer!



hi i can't afford a portable one which would work best in there because of the odd shaped windows...they are 5 or 6 hundred dollars for decently made ones.

but i can put a cheapo window one in ed's office for now and pull the cool air thru with a fan into the actual mp room.

besides..ed is old and too hot too so it would work to cool both off the rooms down a bit if the unit was big enough to cool down a couple of rooms.

thx for looking ....just keep in mind when looking that it needs to be in the maple ridge to abbotsford area so it is easy for me to go and get...i am not driving to richmond to save a hundred bucks, i have no time for that.

Kate Dumaresq

I am a new supporter of SAINTS, and i am proudly one of the 1000 saints. About the air conditioner you need, does it have to be a portable one, or can it be a window one?
I am pretty good at finding cheap things, before you go out and buy a new one, would you let me find a better one for less money?

Ann C

Carol you should never use the word bite in the same sentence as dog!! Especially considering your finger right now. I had to read that first line several times before I realised the dog wasn't biting anyone. LOL