Rescue Journal

moving on to financial security plan B

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2012

esther and i had mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner....mmmm...and don't anyone bug me about my eating habits...esther wanted it and she needed me to get it so i could share it with her.

just a heads up to folks...i am picking up a second casual nursing job on my days off...A. we need the money and i can make good money by working extra casual hours..and B...i need to get my foot in the door so i can pick up casual hours in a couple of different places when i retire (cuz will then really need the extra money even more!)

i have no idea how many hours i may or may not get will probably at some point impact how much i am around...the more i work, the better it is for all of us right now.

so i may be looking for some extra volunteer help on the weekends, esp. around barn bed time so if anyone is available and interested in learning the pm weekend ropes, please let me know.

it took like a long sweaty hour to change my bed today. those bed buddies were hot and lazy and slow to move and cooperate. i got the feed run done but did not get out to see dixie..will try again tomorrow.

the plumbers were here and fixed the broken pipe under the ground by the barn...they also put in a new toilet in the shop bathroom but it will not fix the problem which is the piping was originally put in wrong. and there went another almost $900, holy shit plumbers make way more money than me! i need to work three days to pay them for 3 hrs work. sucks to be a non plumbing nurse.

ah does and will go on and things will hopefully get easier with a bit of a second paycheque. just doing my part and keeping hope from is good that i actually quite like nursing, working a bit more in a different place is not such a terrible thing.



hi brent..i did remember to ask them to fix it but they said the piece needed to be glued and it couldn't be re-glued with the tank full of water so i guess we have to use up that water first.

thank you so much kate..i am pretty much here most of tomorrow...just slipping out to see dixie is all i have planned.

i will look at posting my schedule lynne..i used to write it on the calender, not sure why i stopped.


what days are you working so i can come up. maybe post it each week on the whiteboard in the kitchen so we will know thanks.

Kate Dumaresq

Hi Carol,
This is Kate, I have the first a/c unit in my car. I picked it up in Vancouver and planned to bring it tonight, but there was this huge traffic jam (who would close Hastings @rush hour?). Anyway, I just got home to maple ridge. I will bring the unit out tommorrow, I will need help getting it out of my car, my son and I barely got it in! Is there a time that it better for you?
Some of the responses to the ad have said they are going to deliver an a/c unit to you. I also listed your web page and fundraising site, and called for donations of money and the stuff on your wish list.
So tired... See you tommorrow...


The money for the plumbers sucks but on the flip side I am glad they fixed the broken pipe at the barn, that was water we were losing on a daily basis, I hope you remembered the 2nd water tank that needed its p.v.c. tap properly glued by the plumbers while on-site.


hey michelle..yes to the umbrella thank you! and this sunday i am working so probably won't start barn bedtime until somewhere just before or after 5pm (depends what time i leave work.) see you then!

lynne and shawn it would be a help if on the days i am working, someone comes up in the late afternoon (maybe between 3 and 4 to let all of the dogs (house, mp and shop) out for a quick pee.

we will see how it all pans out and how many extra shifts i am offered.


i have never done the barn animals before but would like to learn keep me in mind.


Hi Carol. I so appreciate all you do and taking on more nursing. I just wanted to let you know that I only work half days during the week so if you need help Monday to Friday after 1 , I can volunteer to help with the dogs or cats if you need it! Just let me know