Rescue Journal

i know everyone always thinks i am bullshitting about getting our numbers down...

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2012

but the fact of the matter is..whether folks believe me or not...our numbers are going down. yes i still am taking in a few messed up guys here and there..but the incoming has been less then the outgoing over the past year and a bit. nicole added everyone up today..we are down overall by almost 40 animals this year. our current animal population today at saints is...
drum roll...

about 105 animals on site. another year or so of the same, and i will reach my goal of sitting comfortably somewhere between 70- 80. so hah to the disbelievers...slowly but surely while still helping a few here and there...we are actually getting there.

before nicole added up the current total..i guessed we were at 126 so i was really happy to be wrong, we were even lower than i had thought.

i am pretty comfortable right now with the space distribution of cats and dogs..but still i will be happy if their numbers go down a bit more. the barn yard is full and it will be getting fuller when teddy, gracie and family are ready to move. i also still do really want to get dixie back home, so i am pondering on how to accomplish that without having to build anything more.

anyway..we are currently on the right gently downsizing track so i am really happy with that.

oh and i forgot to mention that furbie and scooter were adopted this week...yay!



Oh, that is good then. Rascal is a real sweetie too. Good to hear Scooter is doing well.


Scooter has settled well, Furbie was a bit upset the first night. They both will be loved for a very long time, great family.


scooter and rascal didn't hang out together and rascal was a bit intimidated by scooter for that brief time they shared a cage so i felt ok about them not staying together.


Yay for Furbie and Scooter. Too bad scooter and Rascal didn't stay together. But happy they both got forever homes. Rascal is a sweetie, so hope heis next