Rescue Journal

weekend warriors...

Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2012

house folk...
if chance is being dick head...put him in the back cat area for a time out.

esther is quite weak this morning so she needs help getting up and stabilizing her when she first starts to walk. please do not leave her out in the front yard alone.

make sure no one is in the kitchen with odie...esp. during feeding time.

barn folk...
flicka had a fall yesterday (that is another story which i will post after work today.) so mo will be giving her bute and watching her closely today...if there are any concerns please call the vets.

every folk...if trent comes today..please ask him to put one of the new air conditioners (located on the desk in the mp room) into the window in ed's room..any materials he will need are probably in the tent..(i think there are metal brackets in the drawers under the shop work bench)...if he has time after that..brad would like a shade awning/porch roof thing built over his door to help keep his stall cooler and the rain from dripping in his door.

the barn is now using the water tanks so make sure you plug the little pump in.

if and when the house well runs out of water...the directions for switching to the house water tank are posted on the front of the friidge.

please do not flush toilet paper down the shop toilet..pop it into the bathroom trash can.

i will probably be home for lunch and as always if can reach me on my cell phone.



hey i can give you some stuff too helga. will drop it off at your house.


Hi, Helga, absolutely we have some stuff that can go to your next sale. We will bring some items next Sunday and perhaps drop the stuff at your home so you can store it in your garage. See you next week.


Ditto on the 'way to go!' and have you got any interesting items left over for the the next sale I'm going to do? Date isn't written in stone yet (waiting to see how the weather shapes up) but tentative date is Aug. 11.


Some force of nature i am dressed in red feathers right now 'for real' as we are heading out to a club - i think i will sleep there rather than dance.

Bunny Horne

Carol, it was a smokin' hot day for a yard sale and I think I will be joining Brad in the taco pool. My goal was $200 for the day. We did $314.00 and that includes $12 to reserve the same spot next year. So next Sunday we will bring out $302 for you.

I do believe we actually sold more than any other 6' x 6' spot. Some people came up to me and complained that we (I) was too aggressive and it was hurting their sales. Boo Hoo. I said, "I'm here to raise funds for a charity so I plan on selling". Some folks complained that they only made enough to pay for their booth - $12. All around us we could hear, "oh, I coudn't possibly let that go for less than $25" at the end of the day they were saying "everything for $1".
My strategy, as soon as someone showed any interest at all in an item I yelled a price at them.

Some dude actually wanted to low ball me on an item - $3, I'll give you $2. I told him, "dude are you kidding me, this is a steal of a deal - NO, we are trying to raise money for senior and special needs animals, cut me some slack". With trembling hands he gave me the $3.

I took out $12 to secure a spot in July of 2013.
Our sales started before opening. Someone was bitching about our prices and it wasn't fair since our stuff had been donated to us. I heard an organizer say well then go and buy all her stuff and sell it yourself.