Rescue Journal what do i need as we adjust to me working 2 jobs?

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2012 is complicated cuz it depends on a few things like current staffing hours mon-fri, what shift am i working..days or evenings? how many shifts in a row am i working and where are we in the seasonal cycle cuz when the days are long, i have more time but when fall and winter hits barn bedtime changes because it absolutely has to be done before dark.....and as i work 19 out of 21 days, i progressvely will get a bit more tired at the end of each day.

both christine and michelle can help at barn bedtime on sundays but both are new at this so they can't yet be on their own.

in the short term...i need to cover barn bedtime on sunday july 29th cuz i am working an evening shift..dionne if you could do that one with michelle's and christine's help that would be great!

i think if i give you an idea of my rsponsibilities at bedtime settling around here, then folks can offer to fill in where and when they feel most comfortable.

mon-fri the barn and the shop animals are covered by the staff until 5 pm and most sundays when i am on day shift..ichristine and michelle available for help so no extra help is critically needed there.

weekdays i do the shop, mp building and house guys on my own...and on the weekends i add in the barn animals.

here is a list of the pm routines..if anyone can commit to helping in certain areas with certain tasks on certain days. it will take one or more extra loads off of me...

moving barn and chicken yard animals into their specific bedtime areas, giving wills and charlotte a quick outside run..then locking them and everyone else in and handing out their hay and their grains,

walking sam and lea, feeding them canned food and doing their meds, feeding the shop pigs and frsh food and water and covering up the budgies cage in the suite.

quick check of the rabbit room making sure all rabbits and squirt the guinea pig have enough water and food to last til the next day, giving the last watered down soupy cat food feeding to the kidney cats...rock and zsu zsu and flora...check all other cats areas to make sure they have canned food, dry food and water to last the night.

rotate puff and ed outside for a pee, then help out the frail dogs...clean up any accidents, fix up their beds, feed all seven dogs their supper, give sugar her insulin and then settle them on their bed.

let the bedroom/big dog room out for a pee...check their food and water bowls and clean up any mess....bring everyone back in...check the yard for any slow pokes and lock them back in. let benny and jelly out and then the rest of the dogs on that side of the house...clean up any accidents, switch around the laundry and bring them all back in to their right rooms. check the yard for stragglers...check all food and waters. feed angel, griffin and odie and do their insulin shots. give out the bedtime meds and a spoonful of canned to everyone not lucky enough to be on bedtime meds. check the cats in th back cat room that all are well and have enough water and dry and canned food.
then everyone is done for the night as long as no one is ill.

the whole bedtime routine from barn to shop to m building to house, on my own, barring any crises...takes about 2 hours so any help i can get will cut that time way down.

but here is the thing for everyone to keep in the end of the day, i am pretty much peopled and caregiving out so i just want to get it done smoothly,quickly, peacefully and quietly...not really to chatting and being social..i am just on a straight forward mission to get to it all so my day is done.



I work during the week but can help out in the evening when needed as I am only about 15 minutes away.
My email is if you need me out there any specific day.


Hi Lynne - not sure if you got my e-mail, but is there any more room on the volunteer table? If so, I'd like in. Thx.


LYNNE, I just got home after a few days away, and have been reading the blog to catch up re the Gala. Thanks for remembering me for the volunteer table. I will leave the $50.00 in an envelope for you in the office at SAINTS next Sunday, as I think you're organizing the volunteer table of 8, right? I am also sponsoring Squirt for the Gala.


I can help out on certain afternoons checking the bunnies and cats in the MP building. What days would you need me?


I can also meet up with Lynn, Erin, Shawn, etc. on everyday but Tuesday and Thursday. Let me know time and if we are starting tomorrow. More hands make light work.


shawn my email is please leave me your phone number thanks.


Carol, perhaps we can start some training weeks and i can lead everyone threw the barn guys routine? I start watching the time and am looking to the barnyard animals for dinner time at 3:30 every day.


I am in to help wherever I can with the dogs and cats. Lynne, should I give you my number so we can meet there to help in the afternoons?


sorry to post again but i just read a previous comment about your work hours. why do you have the 18 and 24 off. could you not work those too. lol sorry my sick sense of humor. so do you want us up everyday and at what time.i will need instruction on how to do some things, yes brenda and erin, even i do not know how to do everything lol will just get up and talk to you.


i am not sure about the insulin shots have never done them before but am willing to learn. how is odie at taking shots. are you posting your work hours or shall we just find out each week. i do babysit some afternoons and most likely would have to bring grandkids up the odd time, but they have been there before and like it.


i can also come up and do sam and lea and the house animals. i could meet either shawn or erin and we could get several jobs done. when is this all starting. also remember that on the 20 of july ann and i are doing the house for you. have a bunch of animal food from the humane society and julie will get up either later on or tomorrow.


also, what time is bedtime? i could do something, will have little helpers with me. i could commit to something daily. tell me where and when and i can come up starting tomm (monday)

Bunny Horne

Man, I wish I didn't live 86-kilometres away. You have to make sure YOU, yes - YOU are eating properly so that you don't get sick.

Your blog about Flicka just solidifies how much those animals depend on Carol being healthy. For many of them, their sense of calm comes from knowing that YOU ARE THERE. I know all too well the need to have to take on a second job as I had to do that as well. So while it helps to alleviate some financial strain your body will poop out. They are definitely routine oriented and their routines will be disrupted.

I see Maggie sent out another call for 1000 Saints on Facebook today and I have shared it adding my own additional comments.

Have you given any sort of consideration to Facebook pages for some of the SAINTS. Their fans can LIKE them and access some of the personal profile of some of our beloved SAINTS. If they feel closer to a particular SAINT and their antics they might be more amenable to sponsorship or becoming a member of 1000 Saints. This is a project that I would happily take on and maintain once you give the go ahead. This is something I can do from a distance.

I've just been asked to produce three new small rug hook projects, so while it's not much money - it is some that will come your way. I've also listed Saints Rescue and 1000 Saints on my newly reinstated rug hooking website in an effort to get new projects.

We have to make sure you have decent food around so that YOU are eating as regularly and healthy as the SAINTS.