Rescue Journal

we are blessed.

Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2012

it was almost 8pm before everything and everyone settled around here and i could go and just cuddle tina.
i was so thankful that she was safe and at home and for all of our amazing volunteers who were right here the second she needed (when i wasn't!) and searched and searched until they found her.

from the bottom of my heart..thank you you guys!!!!

there are so many animals that we are responsible many animals that we all love and care for so deeply....from the tiniest ones like tina to the giantest ones like percy.

and i will tell you why saints works so well...because there is a small army of people of here who feel exactly the same about our animals as me. they feel the same joy when they see them comfortable and happy...they feel the same heart stopping panic when something or someone...(ah hem tina!)... goes astray. they go to bed at night sometimes worrying about the same things that i do and trying to figure out ways to make everythng ok.

whenever anyone here needs something..air conditioners, shade umbrellas, extra help with bedtime routines,
home cooked meals (for both dogs and me!)..a quick fundraiser to bring in some emergency search party!....someone(s) step up to the plate and finds it somewhere for us. sometimes it is big things like the big money making gala or scotia bank bake sale, or writing grant applications for us, sometimes it is small things like feeding the shop pigs and uncovering the budgies for me yesterday morning cuz i was running late or checking on the animals in the evenings, or middle sitting in wind storms and scorching heat promoting us or home based garage sales. plus there are the every day things...feeding, cleaning, cuddling, bathing, finding and recording receipts, coordinating volunteer schedules, answering emails, screening adoptions, sponsoring, donating big or small ....caring...all of it happening because of people truly emotionally invested in sick, and senior, special needs animals.

sometimes it is tough doing what we do here...but god has blessed us with each and every one of us all.


shelagh f

Its hard when you live a long way and you just think
you want to help too. So glad she was found, though
somehow I couldn't see her going too far, but you
never know...
To get back to the gala, since we're friends now,
I will sponser Puff and maybe because they are both
special guys, Ed too if they are both available. I do
like Andy too, and just to make a nice round number,
and because he's so butt ugly, Chance. Is that
all the dogs now, or if not who's left?


Your blog really touched me. I'm so glad to be a small part of something so wonderful for animals that need love and comfort. All animals matter, be them young or old, and I feel grateful to give something back to them after they have loved others unconditionally. Thank you Carol for letting me help


thx so much penny...someone at the clinic must have given you mis-information...we NEVER fast rabbits prior to surgery. so don't worry that he will still have food and water, just pop him in a carrier and off you go!


Carol - Daniel has an appointment at Hill 'n Dale on Wednesday, to be neutered. He needs to be there before 8:30 a.m. so I will pick him up before 8 a.m. Should I be worried about the security alarm? Also, he's not supposed to eat or drink anything after 9 p.m. Tuesday.