Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 16, 2012

i missed the animals today...i zipped out just before 8 and didn't get home until after 530.

esther is not doing great, she wouldn't eat for renee today..i made her some won ton soup tonight, she liked that.

the cement pad for the new mini pig house was poured today and the posts for the attached pasture shade shelter were cemented in too...the rest will get built as we are able.

does anyone know where the stainless steel water buckets for the mp room went? the dogs need large quanities of water available in this heat, regular water bowls are just not big enough. anyway i can't find them but the dogs need them so if anyone knows please call or email me so i can get them set back up in there again.

i had renee move sugar over to the computer room today so i could watch her more easily at night..when i got home, she was fine but she really wasn't as relaxed and comfortable over here as she is over there (before she went into foster care she lived in the mp room so it is already familiar)...anyway..i took her back tonight. she had her dinner, a drink and her insulin and stretched right out on her favorite karunda bed. she has had enough changes lately, she can be over there if she likes it better....i can just walk over there and check on her i guess.

new dog probably coming in from animal control, she is a senior, unspayed, tripod, BC with an ear infection and a large mammary tumor. apparently the family tried to surrender her cuz they were moving but animal control can't take owner they just moved without her and left her running around on the streets. the family obviously did not have very good problem solving skills. her name is (sigh) ...molly... so i guess here she will be saint molly 4.

ok, gotta go...i think i will try esther with some ice cream.

big hugs to mo tonight..she lost her beloved schmoo..schmoo was about 20 years old...she had such a truly wonderful home.


Bunny Horne

My thoughts are with you Mo. I have been honored to have a kitty for 20 years and it was a long hard adjustment for me when he passed on. I know your heart will feel empty but know that kitty's spirit is with you always. You are a great mom so that kitty was very lucky to have had you in its life. See you Sunday. I've got some treats left for your guys. I will leave them in your van so Smokie doesn't steal them.
Will bring fruits and stuff for the barnyard guys when we come.

Ian and Mary

Running around the further comment needed....without legal liability on what I would do to such a 'person' if they even deserve being called a 'person'


Thanks for kind and Smoo go back a long way and my home feels very different tonight..i think even levi was looking for her. I was blessed to share my heart ,life and home with her..I will miss her alot, she was an amazing cat.


So sorry to hear about your kitty Mo. I know how strongly attached you are to your babies.


thinking of you Mo,- I agree with Penny and Erin's comments re Molly 4's "people"


sorry mo, hope your doing ok. i dont think id classify ppl that move without their dog as the dogs "family". more along the lines of "assholes". welcome molly4.


So sorry and sad to hear Mo. Thinking of you and the rest of your crew. Take care.


These people just left a senior, unspayed dog with major health issues to run the streets when they moved?! It's hard to think any kind thoughts about someone like that...

Jenn & Derek

Sorry Carol, we thought they may not be required anymore but we left them on the cart by the piggies.
Sorry, will you also be in next weekend let us know when you can, as we have something for you.


Mo - so sorry for your loss. Schmoo was a lucky girl to have you as her person.