Rescue Journal

it all got done ...

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2012

with some help from my friends,,,but i am bagged.

danny did well with his neuter...he is now home.

sugar did well with her bloodsugar curve and she is happy to be home.

molly 4 is at the vets...she had her pre-op stuff done today and is booked for surgery (mammary tumour removal and spay) tomorrow. i will pick her after work.

new dog in...britney is a totally wrecked, peeing and biting senior shitzu who belonged to renee's grandma who has since passed away. she is a bit of a horror of a hag but for some reason the last ime i babysat her... she does pretty well here. renee tried to keep her because she was her grandma' dog but family loyalties and feelings of responsibility aside...brit really is a difficult dog to live with so i told renee months ago to bring her here. inally she broke down because she had to. it is fine with me..i do kind of like this cranky, old, peeing, blind and wrecked thing ( and i think she likes me too!)...she is sort of cute in a horribly messed up way!

well i think we are all stocked up and set up to survive until my next day off..big thx to KO and laura for mowing the lawns tonight..they certainly look WAYYYY better!


Carol Ann

Hey Lynne remember when I was bringing Harold back with me every saturday. He too was miserable. He was fine at saints but likes the peace and quiet of our home more. He is a very peaceful guy, and has become quite attached to us too. I'm so glad Bambi has found that with you. and Bear with Erin. and all the others too who have found homes.

Kate Dumaresq

Sorry, I just didn't know if any goats were up for adoption, there are none listed on the adoption site. I didn't want to tell this lady to apply for adoption if no goats were adoptable. Of course I know that there is a process, and for good reason.


it all depends on the animal and their past experiences lynne...bambi came from a home of her own that loved her...she wanted that back again. larry came from a horribly crappy life and when he got here, he was happy and never wanted to leave here again.
phoebe has had many homes of her own but she feels more comfortable here because we can easily accept her hagginess where in the outside world no one ever really liked her.

there does soetimes reach a point where care needs can exceed any families limits...chance is a perfect example...he was a huge problem in foster care with his eyes/ears/biting/peeing...and they really did love him...but he is not a problem for us...his issues are easy for us to manage because we are set up for him here....and luckily chance really likss it here.

people always think the best thing for every and any animal is a home of their own...not necessarily. it has to be the right home for the animal and the right animal for the home.

i would never allow you to adopt jerry or odie..they would turn you and your entire house up side down and none of yu would be happy...nor would i allow you or anyone else to adopt al..because very clearly al wants to be here.

but other dogs with other needs...i think you are totally great for. you are is not about the people it is about what is best for the animals. if i get it right for them..then i will get it right for their new families too...not just as simple as loving someone, it is about meeting their needs and providing a safe and stable physical and emotional environment that fits and meets their needs too.

hi kate...all adoption inquiries should go thru the adoption page on the web site..not as simple as asking on craigslist...the process is fairly lengthy and involved...the process itself, weeds out the ones who are just looking for an easy acquistion of a couple of goats or whatever....we are especially careful of farm animal adoptions because of societies overall farm animal mentality...that they need less and ultimately are less of a consideration regarding their needs than other domestic animals.

Kate Dumaresq

I have had a response from Craigslist who wants to know if SAINTS has any goats for adoption? She says she can take a couple.


Just want to let Sheila and everyone know I have left a file tray on the file cabinet in the office (under Ellie's picture) for gala money etc.,


thanks helga, i feel bad that she did not want to go back to saints but felt good that she loves me. she comes up to me everyday and gives me kisses and rubs and i know deep in my heart that she loves me and is happy here. i guess that is all that really matters


Hi Carol,

I'm putting those meds (Vetergesic Buprenorphine) you said you could use for Zsu Zsu in the mail tomorrow. It's a bit of an unorthodox wrapping job, so hopefully they get there okay!


I think they know when they've found their place, Lynne and they worry about being abandoned again. Mimi (Millie) and Katie have really settled in here. As I type Millie is sitting behind the computer chair. She has absolutely no issues with the other cats. And Katydiddy is a gift. I still can't fathom someone just dumping her at the SPCA at her age. I love that little butterball. You've given your guys a sanctuary.


i was just wondering if sugar will go home or if she will stay at saints. i know how much zoe loves her, but it is not about zoe, it is about sugar. i was just saying to someone that i brought bambi up on sat to see her old friends thought she would be okay, got as far as the shop and she balked and pulled back. it was not because she was not treated good at saints, she was so upset and i just had to bring her home. she has a home with me and no way was going back. i think if i had brought her up every weekend with me she would have understood that she was not staying and would have been okay. wondering how much sugar misses zoe, a whole lot i bet, hope it turns out well for all concerned.