Rescue Journal

i seriously lost my cell phone tonight

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2012

and consideing where i think i lost it..i don't expect to see it again.

i will try to pick up a new one tomorrow but in the meantime good luck getting hold of me.


Chris T

Thank you again Mo and Carol for looking for Ruby. Deb has now put posters up on all the community mail boxes. Hopefully someone has picked her up.


Carol & I went out last night & looked where she went missing.. no sign. Chris & Deb had Al ( The Petfinder guy ) come out & his hounds could not pick up her scent...will still pray she is located..

Carol..have you checked you car really well..I phoned you when you were on your way to meet me..and you answered, so yu had it then.. I don't think you brought your phone out when we were looking for Ruby..cuz I carried your smokes in my purse...and I still have them.


ive got spare phones kicking around, can bring you some choices on saturday if you want


I guess I'll be left to my own devices tomorrow! Ha ha! I'll email you an update when I know more.