Rescue Journal

every new one is a surprise...that's what you get with homeless cracker jack dogs!

Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2012

i see dogs differently...when i look at supposedly utterly sweet molly 4...i see a little prima donna dog who knows how to suck up to people but is a bit of a quiet cloak and dagger hagette to other dogs. this tells me something about is not a simple what you see is what you get kind of dog. i think molly has learned to play the human game to get what she wants and that she can't be bothered to waste her time with other dogs. it is humans that have the power to make her feel safe and good...and dogs are possible competition for her and need to get out of her way.
i think to varying degrees...phoebe, jazzy and molly are all cut from the same prime bossy bitchy dog cloth.
this ought to be interesting...who knows, if i am lucky..maybe i am wrong.

anyway to the weekend volunteers...please take molly out in the yard seperately from the other dogs for now. i have her parked in the laundry area until i see how tolerant she can be if i really insist.

i bathed chance tonight, he was a real mongolian mess and i guess i better get britneys eyes done cuz they don't look much better. riley needs her hips shaved down..she is starting to matt from daily showers...i will try to get to her on my lunch break tomorrow.
gracie looks like her babes are going to be born any day now and charlotte's last abcess looks almost ready to burst. esther is slowly getting weaker and weaker, it so sucks to helplessly watch her grow old and start to fade.

i was yawning non stop this morning at work, one of the nurses told me to knock it off cuz i was making her start to yawn.
count down....2 of 6 shifts done then in a few days... maybe a tiny bit of an 8am sleep in?????? hope is so floating for that!!!!!



If anyone is familier with giving rememdies and wants to call me at our garage sale i left them in the shop in a plastic bag with two spoons for Esther. 604-820-1008 Carol knows i was bringing them.