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Carol  ·  Jul. 20, 2012

i really enjoyed my first day at the new job is a great group of nurses, and i happen to really like nursing too. yay! this is not going to be so bad...whew. the night before my first shift i was so worried that i was just being stupid and wishing i hadn't taken this on. now i feel ok about it..i think it was a good move on my part. i work 7 days a week anyway, what does it matter where i am working in the long run?...days off here are rarely days off, i usually work just as hard. the only thing that will really be different is now i will have less days here to do the things i have to get done so i will have to pack more shit into my days off to get everything done. oh well...i can live with least there will be a bit more money coming in and that hopefully will reduce my stress quite a lot!

molly 4 did fine with her surgery yesterday...i pick her up after work today. so odd to be talking so closely with the vet clinic about a dog i still haven't met..but apparently she is a real sweetheart so i am looking forward to meeting her.

wilma's (aka sugar) fructosamine levels were not as good as her bloodsugar curve...the curve shows what is happening today, the fructosamine gives an overall view of the highs and lows over the past couple of weeks. her insulin dose was reduced just before she came back here and my routines on insulin times and feedings are different too so we will repeat the test in two weeks and see if everything is a bit more stable longer term once she adjusts to it all. in the meantime...she is doing fine. she seems happy and relaxed so i don't think the change back to here is stressing her much.

someone booted ellie just below the eye yesterday. given the choices of who were in the same pasture with her, my bet lies on a certain donkey dick head (cuz i highly doubt it was gideon, raven or pete)......note to everyone...ziggy is not to be in the same area as ellie. i told him that booting my beloved princess really pisses me off!

i will try to pick up a new cell phone on my lunch break today so folks can get a hold of me. i really did not like that other new phone anyway...far too technically challenging for me.

i guess i better get moving here, back to my regular job today.



Hey mom I saw a commercial for a rogers phone that had huge buttons and when I saw it I thought of you. Haha people are calling it the grandma phone :)


Carol has found her was in her car . I told her I shouldn't post & let everyone know then she could have a phone call free day...ain't happening.. " what if one of the animals need me " or something like that.

Anyhow ..if carol's phone can show up..Ruby can too.. please , please , please ...if you are listening.. I said please, please, please