Rescue Journal

the tiger is pacing...

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2012

i need to put out a warning..i am starting to feel that tightness in my neck and chest, the burning in my stomach...frustration is building and the utter bitch is rising... so please everyone be careful around me for the next little bit.

i see it with the animals...too much going on around them and they become suddenly the center of an anger filled vortex. percy was like that when he was so sick and we kept assaulting him to try to get him well. odie gets like that when there is just too much continuous chaotic activity around him that he needs to try to figure out and process when he cannot see anything.

this is why i am so insistent that the animals have their down time with no one on the property but me...when people are here they get jacked up and over stimulated and they need reliably peace and quiet times to chill out and defuse.

maybe i was really stupid to take on a second job...maybe working 19 out of 21 days was not one of my brighter ideas because even with those 2 days off i don't get to chill and relax. i just try to load everything that saints needs me to do in those two days. but regardless whether it makes me bitchy or a hag to be around...there is not enough money coming in here right now and this was the one thing that i could do to bring in a bit more.

anyway..these next couple of weeks are going to be the worst cuz i am working 11 days in a row and any kindness, niceness, flexibility or patience i have, i am hoarding exclusively for the animals.

i can feel my hidden tiger feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and beginning to restlessly chew on her leash. please you guys, so i don't hurt anyone's careful, follow the saints few rules to the letter and try not to bug me.
i can be meaner and more unpedictable than odie when i get overwhelmed.



" Sorry I think you may actually lose your mind doing all three."

Ha Ha ... Carol lost her mind a looong time ago


How much would it take for you to not work two jobs. Just wondering in case we needed to fund raise so you don't have to. Sorry I think you may actually lose your mind doing all three. You are just human by the way!

Barb H

I have some 'wish list' stuff to deliver. Is the best time to come on the weekend when the tours are run?


Re a particular concern of mine: I would like the house volunteers to be expected to always know where Odie is at all times (in the kitchen, in front yard, in entrance), and to ensure that no other dog is at risk from being in the wrong area with him. Added to this, is that ALL volunteers (barn, MP, tour guides, dog walkers, ets) are aware of the safety concerns re: Odie and do not unintentinally put any dog at risk with him. It's so easy to open a gate and allow a dog to follow you thru it, unintentionally into another area where they shouldn't be for safety reasons. It happens every Sunday, and I feel that other volunteers think I'm a little extreme in my dilligence in making this my priority. (Actually, I'm sure they think I'm a pain in the ass). So, I'd like to see some strict expectations written around it - especially because I'm going to be away for the next month from SAINTS, and really don't want anything tragic to happen. Thanks


I would like to see something in regards to visitors NEVER being left unattended anywhere on site. If you see a visitor it's ok to leave them on the other side of the gate (ont eh driveway) until you find who they are looking for or you take them straight to that person. good with that?


Jenn has me revamping the rules to be sent out to all volunteers. I am taking notes here ladies and should have a draft version for Jenn and Carol to go through in a couple of hours.


no one on site after hours unless previously arranged..maggie i ok for the washer and dryer delivery, bedtime helpers are ok...and please don't even ask me for other reasons cuz even if i say yes..i will really want to say no.

be careful going in and out gates and make sure they are properly closed and locked..animals can get hurt, lost or dead because for some reason people have trouble grasping this concept.

do not be instigating dog fights around here by carelessly traipsing around with a bunch of feel good treats or over stimulating the attention to what is happening right under your feet.

keep animals in their assigned and safe areas.

never walk past a puddle or a poop without cleaning it up, i don't care if it is not your area or the job you came here to do.. this drives me totally insane. i do not want our animals walking thru shit or piss..not when there is a hale and hearty human right there to reach for a paper towel or a mop.

and please do not get creative and start making a bunch of changes without discussing them with me first.

oh..and if you see someone doing something that is unsafe or is really going to bug me...please be up front and honest and tell them politely and nicely yourself. don't dump unneccessary stuff on me to have to chase down and follow up.


Carol perhaps a re-posting of rules/boundaries would be a good idea, there are several newish volunteers who may not be aware of them..and there are us older/senior volunteers whose brains allow things to slip & slide away... for the barn

Do not arrive prior to 9 AM
No hay to be fed on the grass
Gideon needs his fly mask on if it is sunny out
Ellie is not to be in field with Percy or Ziggy
Do not hand feed barn animals from treats in your pockets...

I know there's more..but they slipped out of my brain for now...If you don't want to do a list of all boundaries..list the ones that are most important to you to keep your stress level down..and in turn keeps all the critters happy.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Maggie has some cash for you today as well. It's YOUR money. Maybe you can get to an RMT and get him/her to push all that tension out of your body for at least the one hour that you are flopped on a gurney.


Fully understand, however we have to deliver the donated washer and dryer tonight around 7:30 - 8:00.
We will pull into the rear driveway outside the shop being as quiet as possible.