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today went ok

Carol  ·  Jul. 25, 2012

i did up most of the house before i left for work...shelagh finished off the cat rooms for me and brought me lunch and dinner...thank you so much!!!!! i hadn't eaten since i got sick and i was starving!
and big thank you to the bedtime only forgot two things (i wasn't checking up on you...maggie came with the washer/dryer and i had to open the shop door)...the little shop pigs had no water and their door wasn't clipped with the leash. my fault, i should have done this before... i will try to make up a quicky check off list until you get used to the bedtime routines.

esther is a eating reeces peices...mmmm.

i wish when gideon lays down to sleep..he didn't look like a dead horse. i was just about to run out there in a full panic when he twitched his leg and got up.
doc was neutered he didn't like that too much. he has every other day pain injections until he is fully recovered. i checked him tonight and he seems ok. pete is back on his injectible vitamins for the next 5 days. and flicka has a stone bruise from her fall on the bottom of her foot and that is what is making her lame.

tess had a fit when i got home tonight and tried to sneak past the mp building without going in...i had to turn back and go and see her (she window stalks waiting for me.) riley wanted some attention and wilma wanted a belly rub so i am glad that i did go in.

i think all is well and i am now going to bed because i am back on dayshift at my regular job tomorrow.

to answer is only this first three weeks with the two jobs that are bad because i have to get my orientation shifts finished..after that i can pick and chose a bit better so it shouldn't be so hard.

as to how much money we need? the problem is... it is feast and famine so my second job will be helpful when famine times hit. i am not planning on killing myself 365 day per year...only when things are really super tight.
things will get better in the fall...we have the gala, the bake sale, and the xmas donations..spring and summer are always a struggle..i am just really tired of struggling this year.

not to worry i won't go insane...i worked two jobs and did saints before i broke my ankle and i can easily do it again. i llke my jobs..i just might get pretty bitchy over the next couple of weeks...then it should be fine cuz i will schedule myself better.


Kate Dumaresq

Is the list of weekly supplies needed on accurate?
Under "by the numbers" on the "about us" page.


Hi Carol - sorry, I was the one that didn't leash up the little pigs' pen. Also, when I checked them last night, there was a big aluminum bucket full of water in their pen, and I thought that was where they drank from. Won't forget next time!

Bunny Horne

Brent and I went to the Vigil for Captain yeterday. I think the organizers were a bit overwhelmed by the attendance. They weren't prepared at all for the number of people that showed up. There were a number of "rescue" people in attendance at the event. There was probably .75 dogs in attendance for every person that attended and the dogs had a great time celebrating the life of Captain. You could barely hear the organizers when they spoke to the crowd - they might have had an important message, but even at the front of the crowd you couldn't hear them speak. It did get a bit goofy when they permitted attendees to speak their "feelings". There was the "Jersey Shore" young person's speach which frankly made the event less respectful of Captain's life. The problem with grass-roots events is that sometimes people are ill-informed and their views are not based on accurate information and this information is perpetuated. One woman said "if you discover you can't handle your animal drop it off at the SPCA or a rescue". How about thinking really hard if an animal can fit into your life before committing to owning one??? And how about, can you personally deal with the stresses that are associated with pet ownership. Will poop and pee and barking, etc send you over the edge?

shelagh f

thanks for the cheque, its still sitting on the desk,
left without it. Will have a look if I have some
hoses, and what kind of shape they are in.


I have a hose, Janice. will bring it up first thing this morning.Was going to sell it at the Saints yard sale next month because its a very long heavy duty one and I find it hard to drag around.


Czars vet check was good too Carol. I asked the vets to leave me a syringe for Pete's shot so we will need more.

The mini pigs are drinking a ton of water as i carried fresh and added a gallon before i left. The pen outside needs to be tweaked , i had to use an event table shoved between the wall and the wire to secure those little rascals . So they should not be left out there unless someone is working in the shop.

Oh and if anyone has a 25ft-50ft hose kicking around not being used , we need a little more length at the barn to reach the big tanks in the cow ring.