Rescue Journal

not a great home coming tonight.

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2012

chance was roaming around the kitchen when i got home, his gate had not been closed properly, luckily odie did not eat him. esther was in the exact same spot and position when i got home tonight as she had been when i left her at lunch time 6 hours before. this is the kind of stuff that puts me right over the edge...careless oversights that put our animals at risk. i get that we all make mistakes and forget shit..but the problem around here is there are so many people involved that if we all make mistakes on a regular per capita basis....the animals are going to be totally screwed.

the best advice i can give to everyone, including myself is... slow down, double check and for god's sake look carefully around...oh and don't put off something important that is right in front of our face, to come back to later....(like repositioning esther.) do it as soon as you see that it needs doing. providing care to compromised and vulnerable animals is not something to procrastinate about. i am really bad for this...oh ok..i wll get to that in a minute. and a minute turns into an hour or two and a crises hits and drives all previously stored thoughts right out of my head.

i am going to be a big time pain in the ass picky person for the next little bit cuz i am not here as much to fix all of the mistakes and remedy all of the little forgotten things every day. and really when you think of it..why should i even have to?...i tell everyone many many times to soup up the kidney cats food and why it is important to do so. i have said it a hundred the gates, make sure they are locked behind you and no one slips out, keep animals in the proper areas where they belong, check the food and waters, don't switch stuff around without talking to me first..has everyone not heard me go on and on about the same things over and over again?

all folks have to do is actually pay attention and listen, process why it is important and then decide because they care about these animals remember to follow thru to keep them well and safe.

i may well be being a hag but my being a hag can be a big favor to someone one day.

rescue is not s simple as oops i forgot to take the garbage is more like, holy shit, chance could have been badly hurt because i did not check his gate.

i have made huge mistakes..suzie lost the vision in one of her eyes because i was not paying attention.
murphy the cat is dead and so is angel 1, the one eyed dog with a bullet in her head, because 7 years ago i did not close my bedroom door when i went for a very quick shower. i live with that every single day, my thoughtless carelessness ended both of their lives that day.

i never sucks.

this is a reminder for me as much as anyone...follow the rules and do not keeps all of us happy and safe.



if i have time tonight naomi, i will blog that very sad story for those who do not know.


i was just thinking i am retired , i do babysit my grandkids but they could come up with me, is there a time each day to come up and help out it would depend on the time you are there carol but i am happy to help out. i really love those animals and will do whatever you want. i hate to see esther just sitting there in the same position it is very sad. it sucks let me know.


oh crap maybe you do need me and erin and whomever to come up each night and either help or come up earlier around 430 to check on the animals. esther really needs to be moved. we have to get everyone together and really talk abaout what we can do and what is best for the animals. maybe this weekend we can all get together. i am gone tomorrow but this is very serious and we all need to help. any suggestions.