Rescue Journal

let me tell you something about living in bitchy-haggy land...

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2012

suddenly everythng gets pretty simple.

there are no longer layers upon layers of things to consider..everything is now black and white, every problem has an obvious answer. anyone who pisses me off is stupid, there is no struggling to figure things out, i am always right and thus... everyone else then logically must be mistaken.

i was up for quite a long time with pepper last night...after i went to bed, he woke up and pissed someone off by wandering all over the place. i heard him scream (he is a bit of drama queen...) when someone got mad at him (i think it was jazzy but cannot say for sure.) i rushed in and checked him all over, he was physically ok but he was emotionally upset.

it took a while to calm him down before i could settle him back to bed. i couldn't put him up in the laundry room cuz charm is up there at night. and i haven't had enough time to get to know charm and see how he feels about being walked over top of by a wandering blind dog. i ended up sticking pepper in the playpen which is not ideal cuz it works well really only for tiny dogs. worked in a pinch..pepper settled and slept.
however...this is not a long term solution so i needed an answer. what i want is a little dog frail area in the house. and the only logical place to have one is the kitchen and that is where odie the asshole lives and there is no where else to stick him.

honestly, it is so clear..the obvious answer to so many problems around here is to get odie the troll out of the kitchen and that means the obvious answer is simply to nuke him. i get what i think the frail little dogs need, they can then wander around in total peace...the answer is simple.

i think it might be a very good thing that in my normal daily life, nuking animals is a terrible thing...i do still remember how i thought and what i believed before i came to bitchy-haggy land so odie is perfectly safe...(at least for the time being.)

countdown...13 out of 21 hard days complete...i just have to hold it together and not do anything obviously simple for just another week.



The thing about Odie the Troll (I personally think of him as Odie the Shark) is that he is also the biggest cry baby.


Carol in case I don't see you tomorrow, what time does barn bedtime start on sundays?


Carol-- the people that came for the tour today brought some stuff. There is a box that says "Saints" & decorated with green and orange that I put on the table right inside the shop, it had some toys and stuff in it. They also brought a big bag of timothy cubes that I put in front of the freezer in the shop.

Janice ter Borg

Could you ask a few businesses to collect pennies on behalf of SAINTS now that pennies have been discontinued? People have LOTS of pennies to unload now!

shelagh f

what about some sort of temporary enclosure in the
sun room? Or is that too close to all the other
guys, but he knows they are there anyway. If not
with a couple of X pens, maybe some sort of wooden
enclosure with a half wall and a gate. sounds like a cage, but how much
room does he need to hang out. I am sure you
have thought of something like this in every spot
in the house, though I'm sure some times the barns
are looking pretty good for him.
Where is that perfect person who would like a blind,
diabetic husky with a cranky side to him? Someone home
most of the time and no other pets and up for a challange. Like looking
for a needle in a hay stack. A better pen will be
easier. Something to ponder when you have more time
to think


Fantastic Bunny! We are closing in on 100 'Saints'
Just need 500 more to reach the spot where we are covering most of the monthly expenses.
Spread the word everyone!


Maggie I put some post dated cheques in the mail for one of you new 1000 Saints teams. I will bring cash next Sunday from another potential 1000 Saint. The Dispensary gave me all of the nickels they had on hand for 1000 Saints - so I've got 10 rolls for you - will bring them out next Sunday too. I wish we could get to our minimum requirement of Saints so Carol didn't need to work two jobs.