Rescue Journal

before i lay threesey forever to rest...

Carol  ·  Jul. 31, 2012

i want to rewrite a sanitized, more comfortable to read version of the birth and her death. you decide which one you like better, which one has more value to you..the one filled with questions, doubts and regrets or the sweetly condensed and innocently sad version.

gracie gave birth to three tiny babies, onesey and twosey are doing well. sadly threesey was born quite a bit weaker and despite janice and i taking turns holding her so she could nurse..threesey did not survive her first night. we buried her in the little yard of the soon to be finished mini pig homestead so she would forever be close to her family.
rest in peace little threesey, you were a very sweet little babe.

and i also have a couple of questions for you....
if i just write censored sappy sweet shit..what can anyone ever learn?
and what does it say about me as the official saints recorder if i gloss over the difficult reality stuff to make it nicer and easier for both me and you?


Marla in SD

I love almost everything about this blog, but my favorite part is probably that you tell it like it is - no sugar coating of anything. The condensed version is sweet and I can understand why some people would prefer that version, but the reality is that Threesey (and yes, I love the name), for whatever the reason, was not meant to be in this world, regardless of whether someone was there and made his/her mama nervous during birth, regardless of how many attempts were made to keep him/her going, and despite what anyone feels that you or anyone else should have or should not have done. He/She was loved and cared for in the brief time he/she had, and that's what matters. Gracie knew what not a single human being can possibly know: that something was wrong and Threesey wasn't meant to be of this earth. Maybe Threesey's purpose was to teach a lesson, and, that purpose being fulfilled, he/she moved on to a better place. So, while the short version is sweet, I believe it's more of a true dedication to Threesey to tell it like it is, just like the rest of your blog does. It reminds us all that rescue isn't all soft kisses and happy endings. 'Nuf said.

Pam from Nashville, TN

Carol, I am so sorry about threesey, but I read this blog because I can trust the fact that you are honest and forthcoming about what goes on in rescue and Saints. Sometimes it's more than my heart can take at that moment but I totally respect your decisions and actions. Please,don't change a thing!


no you need to say like it is. it sucks about threesey, but you did the best you could. i do not know if or without an audience if she or he would have survived but i do know that that little piglet was loved in her short life probably a lot more than some that are much older. gracie knew what was best for her baby and, i guess, do not know that with all the external interference it would have had the same outcome. i am thinking that because we were there at that exact same time as her giving birth that you are blaming yourself for threesey not being accepted. carol i know nothing about pigs but i am sure janice would know. i know i stayed out of that room for the most part as i thought she should be alone. but perhaps that had nothing at all to do with it. i guess animals, unlike most humans, will reject their offspring if something is wrong as their survival instinct for their young is very strong. just an opinion.

another Doreen

In these days of reality TV and everyone sharing every graphic video via Utube, I think Reality Rescue is the way to go! If Gracey had been spade by her previous owners, none of this would have happened.


Carol this is your blog. You write it how you see it, or feel it. As hard as it is to read and I am sure live it on your end, it is your reality. we know you do your best for these animals, take care of animals nobody else will, so you keep doing what you do!! You rock in my books.


I think you need / have to tell it like it is. There are too many bleeding hearts out there. This is just my input on the matter


Beautiful Obit! There is too much censorship in the world. I want to hear it as seen from your eyes - no matter how hard it is to hear. It breaks my heart, makes me cry, but we need to hear it. That little piglet deserves to have a few tears shed for her.


Regardless of how you choose to write anything (and it is most assuredly your choice as you were the one there) unless you will be calling the other two Onesie and Twosie for the rest of their lives I think it would be nice for her to have a proper name... again, your choice ... I just think a real name would be more personal.


Carol, I think you are killing this topic. You did what you thought was best at the time, and unfortunately things happen that we have no control over (perhaps that is a good thing, Who knows?) It is time for you to get on to new things with a clear and content mind. You did ok. Did you stop to think that Threeseys in a better place? I know if I had a choice to pass on rather than be an invalid all my life, I would choose the first option. Take good care and continue on as you always do, which is excellant in my books. bob