Rescue Journal

let sleeping babes lie.

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2012

i have only been in the house since 8pm (please note the blog time is almost always off an hour cuz of time changes..i actually posted this at 9)..... i took jenn and jivan out for jenn's birthday dinner....(HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!!!!) and i have already picked esther up 5 times! bru (jenn's foster) is back until next week cuz they are heading out of town...he is pretty pissed off about it all and is sulking up in the laundry room. oh well he will get over it (when they get home.)

when i got home from work tonight..i quickly settled the mp building and shop before i went back out. i snuck into the shop very quietly so as to not disturb our new little family. it was totally silent in there so i quickly and quietly fed the dogs and then i peeked over the side into the pen cuz it was almost eerily quiet.

normally as soon as i go in teddy and gracie start tossing a fit because apparently whenever i walk in the door..i am supposed to feed them.

anyway, when i peek over, i see grace has the babes snuggly tucked in to a warm pile of hay...all i can see is the tiny butts showing and i knew they were sound asleep. ted and grace however were wide awake, sitting silently immobile and staring straight at their gate. someones wanted their bedtime treat but neither one of them was going to make a sound or move a muscle lest they wake the sleeping babes.

i got them each half a banana and i tiptoed into the pen as quietly as i could...both teddy and gracie gave me happy tail wags, and still without uttering a sound and without making an incautious move, gratefully ate their bananas.

it stunned me...these two little pigs, just like new human parents, were both working silently in sync to keep their well settled babies fast asleep.

their united care for those little sleeping babes has stuck me right to the core.



bru is fine...he is sleeping at my feet. i told him this is not my fault, you guys went on a vacation..i am making sure he ain't mad at me but he probably is some pissed off at you two!


Are Teddy and Grace still seperated? If so how long until you can let them all be together ?

Pam from Nashville, TN

Well, that's my "aaaawwwww" moment for the day! Thanks Carol!


Happy Birthday Jenn !!!
Aww, those piggies and their momma and dad sound so cute. Can't wait to meet the babies.