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Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2012

i cancelled esther's appointment for this weekend...yesterday she was stronger, today she is weak again. i will see how she does on this weekend when i am around a lot more.

molly4 is coming back...she jumped chilko over a bowl of food and bit chilko in the face. janice is having a hard time returning her but the bottom line is, she is a food hag and that poses a huge problem with food focused pigs wandering freely is not a great mix. molly is better off coming back to here while we look for a pet free home so there is no food competition.

the big heart stoppng excitement today was...sam and leah went MIA. they dug their way under the fence in the bottom field. they got their old fatty asses over into the bush and then couldn't get back. these two have a life long history of going on walkabouts, i guess today looked like a nice day for another. anyway janice had to cut a huge hole in the fence to retrieve them...note to dogs in the lower field til we fix the fence and sam and leah are banned from there forever.

i am emotionally tired tonight...and i don't think it is because today was day 10 of 11 in a row, physically i feel pretty damn good. i think it is because this week has been particularly hard. i think some days we all take for granted how good and comfortable things are....sometimes tho... life throws a curve ball and life is not so recognizable or safely predictable any more.

i need to remember every single day, how truly lucky i am....every day in itself is a blessing, i don't really need anything more.

you guys better work a bit harder on the naming game..i don't think we have hit the nail on the head yet so come on you guys.... stretch those naming brains!



that so totally suits them and we can remember threesey that way too. hope carol picks those names. and it is a great nursery rhyme and they are babies.


i think it suits them being names from a nursery rhyme....since they have been the only and hopefully last babies born at Saints.


How about Winkin & Blinkin.....that way threesy will never be forgotten, cause people will always ask what about Nod and we can let them know he passed away.


Finnegan and Fiona or Duke and Diva (which she will be one day, no doubt!) (If there is a she??)
Diesel, tucker, cricket, roscoe, winston, dozer, spike, angus, chester, quincy.

Please pick one soon, I can't stop thinking about names lol...

Kate Dumaresq

I will always think of them as Onesy and Twosy,
but how about:
Billy-Bob and Mary-Joe
Daisy and Mae
Bonny and Clyde is good
I also really like Mork and Mindy


Did we have...Wills and Kate
Speedy and Gonzales
Daisy May and Duke
Olive and Popeye
Elvis and Priscilla

another Doreen

Stream and Brook
Oak, Willow, Aspen, Laurel, Cedar...
Looney and Tooney
Penny & Nickel
Nickel and Dime
Cinder and Ash
Lickety and Split


What about fern and dale for ferndale- (Mike's 2 cents. )
Milo and Otis,


I'm still partial to onesy and twosey.

But i'll play along. The majority of the names above are boyfriend girlfriend or husband wife names... How about some brother sister names and names that go together:

Donny & Marie. (Donny could be for a boy or girl)
Micheal and Janet
Ashley and Mary-Kate
Mario & luigi
Cheech & Chong
Tango & cash
Tom & Jerry
Yin & Yang

Bunny Horne

My picks would be for

Dakota and Paris have to be the winners. It's easy to say and oh so posh and they work for either gender.
Mork & Mindy is good.
I like Zippity and Doo-da (but I don't know if I want to be cleaning their pen and saying "come here Zippity", "come get your breakfast Doo-dah". Your neighbours would think we have all gone nuts.


lol...i kind of like mork and mindy....too funny!

the little one is pretty damn here are a couple i thought of...

firefly and bumblebee
zippity and doo-da
zip and zap

or unisex names
pat and lee
avery and peyton
sunny and river
mckenzie and parker
dakota and paris

thinking caps on...keep em coming!


Sorry, a few more :)

Lilo & Stitch

Black and Velvet

Patron "Saints" like Michael etc...sorry I don't know them, haha

Lucy & Desi/Ethel

Siskel & Ebert

Scarlett & Rhett

Ike & Tina

Okay, I'll give it a rest now.


Captain & Tenille? (sp?)

Bert & Ernie

Kit and Kat

Latte and Cappuccino (or something like)

Faith and Hope

However I really love Onesy and Twosy <3


Here's my 2 cents for the name game:
Babe & Ruth
Bonny & Clyde
Daisey & Duke
Iggy & Pop
Mork & Mindy
Posh & Becks
Peter & Wendy

shelagh f

why don't we wait till we know the sex of the
piglets, then the names will make sense?

Too bad about Molly 4, she really looked like
she needed to get out of the crowd, but obviously
she needs to shine on her own somewhere else.