Rescue Journal

i am so sorry but...HELP! (again)

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2012

sick call today...there is no one for the house. janice and laura will be busy covering the barn and mp building and neither of them know the house at all anyway.

we are already down a staff person cuz i did not replace helga when she left because if janette did come back in the fall, and with erin starting in sept. we were going to be fully staffed.

screw it.. i will post an ad and start hiring again, i am tired of staffing crises esp. on the fridays of long weekends when most folks not working have gone away.

anyway..if anyone can get up there to help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. if not, we will survive...i will get to the house guys on my lunch break and finish up after work.



yah that sucks i had my grandkids again but could have brought them up. only just now looked on the blog.


I wish I had checked the blog this morning. I could have helped in the house! I'm off until September so let me know if you need me to fill in for someone in the house or MP room Carol!