Rescue Journal

sunny is happy again.

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2012

bru is being a bit of a baby tonight..he keeps going out into the front cat run and staring thru the wire, barking and whining cuz his mommy and daddy have gone away. he was fine the first time he came here, after his cruelty seizure but give him a good home and suddenly nothing else is good enough for him any more.
yes jenn..i am giving him lots of cuddles and loving, just no 4 walks every day..he can go out and pee in the yard with everyone else.

ever since dixie chick died..sunny has been pretty much on his own. he is a bit sketchier than his other fruitloopy brothers, that is why he and dixie chick were such a good match. sunny likes his brothers mango and tang but mango hangs out in the kitchen cupboards and tang in the computer room with his good friend morgan and sunny stays in the back cat rooms, so he is always alone.

recently, sunny has developed a very strong love affair with ebony. except ebony has decided she likes hanging out in the laundry room. so tonight sunny is out here with her...he is following his new love where ever she goes..i am so happy he has a best friend again.

they have been schmoozing with me and keeping me company as i fold laundry, sunny never comes near me unless one of the other cats are starting a purr fest then he forgets he is afraid of me and joins in. loving feelings are an irresistible magnet to him.

anyway....YAY!!! sunny is happy again!!!!!



my poor baby boy! Give him even more love and kisses please. Also, rub his belly he likes that. Is the medicating going ok? I miss pooh.

another Doreen

Lucky Sunny! So sweet that he's found a good friend who is also expanding his horizons.