Rescue Journal

well we made it thru the day somehow...

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2012

it wasn't great but i guess considering we did sort of ok...janice and laura took turns checking on the house animals every hour or so while still trying to care for the ones in their areas.. i rushed home at lunchtime and did a quick basic sweep thru with janice and laura's help. so by just after 2 when i absolutely had to get back to work...everyone had access to clean, dry beds, clean floors, water and dry food.

did they suffer today because of my unpreparedness?......sadly i think that they did. no one got any canned food except the diabetics, esther and the frail dogs in the mp one got their medications, except the diabetics, not even their pain pills, the kidney cats did not get their souped up food, no one got field runs, baths, cuddles or pets. esther did not get lifted to her feet every hour, she was stuck in one spot between morning, lunchtime and my homecoming.

anyway..i am home now, i have done the canned feeding and meds..the kidney cats have had their soupy food and i will apologise and cuddle and pet tonight while pushing the laundry thru.

i am really sorry. this won't happen again..i will write a hiring ad and get it up on craigs list tonight so i can hopefully train someone when i have my next week off (the third week in august.)

jeezus.... this whole entire week has just absolutely totally sucked!

hey...can someone look on craigs list and see if they see the ad? i have no idea how to look. the email confirms it is posted but i don't see it on there???



here is the link


Carol, did Laura or you grab the feed book that i left on a wheel barrow at the barn?

Also sorry but someone will need to bring down a bag of cubes for the horses dinner tommorrow night.


hey carol do not kill yourself with the laundry i will bring home tomorrow whatever we do not get done. leave it for me.


i am so sorry i normally look on the blog in the morning but have been distracted by my child tending. wish i would have seen it but no point now in worrying about it. i will be there tomorrow and make sure esther is up on her feet every hour. that sucks will make a special point of spoiling them all tomorrow.