Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2012

i don't know why i bother making lists...i just disappoint myself.
oh well..there is always tomorrow to screw another list up.
i did get a couple of important things done...danny is now intergrated with tu. they aren't the best of friends yet but they aren't fighting either so that is good news.

and i picked up mustang sally from chilliwack...what a sweet dog and she is going to be tons of fun to have around.
luckily we discovered early that she is a cat chaser (like even before we left the shelter!) so she just automatically became my newest bed buddy and that is fine with me cuz there ain't no cats for her to bug in either of the dog rooms.

gawd! barn bedtime was FREAKING hot! by the time i was done i was soaking with sweat and that totally sucked.

thx everyone for all of your help today, it was a pretty good (and hot!) day.




I found your blog thru TFL's blog, Wootube, and have been following SAINTS for about a year. I just had to send a note of thanks and admiration to you that despite all the work you do (2 jobs) and of course your rescue responsibilites - that you still take the time to post every single day. I am continually awed by your fierce dedication, laugh at the funny stories, cry at the sad ones and just like to read about the animals. Yours is the first rescue I've heard about for senior animals and I wish there were more-they are desperatly needed just as much as others.