Rescue Journal

i took esther over to emergency today and euthanized her.

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2012

it was a very peaceful and comfortable death..she was not distressed, worried or afraid. she had a mcmuffin on the way to the clinic, another one while we were there. the staff brought her more goodies and treats and were so very kind and gentle with her.

i just wasn't willing to risk the "what if's " with her this week. i needed to know that she was not waiting, worrying, needing something when no one was here. i wanted her to be at peace.

love you gracious lady.




I will miss you Esther, you were truly a great dog. Love you baby girl <3


So sorry, Carol. She was a lovely dog.I remember when she represented the saintly crew at my first yard sale for Saints. She was a perfect lady and everyone who met her liked her - she was what Saints is all about.

Ann C

Hugs to you Carol you made the right decision, the house will not be the same without Esther...... sweet dreams Esther I will really miss you.

Barbara DeMott

I cried on this one as Esther is so much like my beautiful Mollie who is 12.5 and really starting to have trouble rising. The same beautiful and soft face but weakening body. Maybe not soon, but too soon I will also have to do the right thing with her.


Oh Ester, we will truly miss the kind, gentle, loving soul that was you! I was blessed to have had your cheerful company every weekend, my heart aches, but will think of you running & playing with everyone you loved.

janet nicholson

Oh Carol, I am so sorry - but, all animals who come to SAINTS know they are going to receive only love and tnder care - Esther trusted you to make the right decision for her - even though it breaks your heart.


thankyou for posting carol, it must be really hard to type in those words. it is a very nice post and i am glad she did not go alone.


oh i am so sorry carol. but yes you did make the right decision. i will miss her but she was getting so frail and weak, you would have been worried sick about her while at work. rip sweet esther you were truly loved. glad i got to see her on saturday and give her loves.

Kate Dumaresq

I was blessed to meet Esther only once, but she was such a lovely and happy dog. It is a testament to the love and care given to every animal at SAINTS, that Esther was so joyful and happy, even towards the end. It is always sad when SAINTS loses an animal. But, I am consoled by the fact that any animal lucky enough to find their way to SAINTS, no matter how horrific their story, will know true love, affection, and kindness for whatever remains of their life. If only all animals, and people for that matter, could die knowing such love and kindness. That is what makes SAINTS so special, that you do not just save the animal with medical care and food and housing, you save their souls with love and affection and kindness. No matter how horrific their story, every animal that comes to SAINTS dies being truly cared for and loved. Carol, you and your army of devoted volunteers have created a rescue that is truly unique, and so very special.
Rest in peace Esther, knowing you were truly loved.


So sorry, Carol. I believe you made the right decision, and Esther would thank you for it. She didn't have much quality of life anymore, and is now free of her ailing body. Fly free, sweet one.