Rescue Journal

alice in wonderland...not

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2012

sure glad i ain't the ogre who shut phoebe in the closet today. she is pretty damn grateful i got home a few minutes early to rescue her from her dark dirt cage.

our little red whirling wonder must have been seriously whirling her own special way when she suddenly went thru the hole in the back wall of her zen-den and fell into the crawl space.

i heard her frantic barking as if it were far away, and i knew she was in trouble
because it sounded distantly muffled and different today.

i chuckled as i dug her out and wiped the dirt and cobwebs from her face, then i fed her fresh bread and butter to help her forget her unhappy and frightening day.

(someone is in big trouble with phebers...hah! glad she saw me as her savior today!)



Marvin on the floor, perish the thought. Nothing but the best for that guy.


tammy! how could you? whats next, feeding marvin out of a regular bowl on the floor? omg! (haha!)


too funny i was going to say as a joke it was probably tammy. who would have thunk


OMG. That was me. I thought I was saving the other guys from her snapping. I set her up with food and water and tucked her in, she didn't seem upset when I closed the door.
Let her know how sorry I am (although I'm still laughing at the thought of her falling through the wall). Sorry Phebes, I guess I have alot to make up to her. Tell her there will be special treats next weekend, just for her.


Having Phoebes pissed at you is no fun...hmmm maybe if I pissed her off she would go back to hanging out in the house on WE..not that I dont love her company..right up till the last 10 minutes ;-)