Rescue Journal

yay..the power is on!

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2012

it went off briefly this morning, just long enough for me to have a heart attack. no air conditioners or fans?
shit, the animals would be dead before i got home.

note to barn folks...please spray everyone that you can with fly spray first thing this morning...everyone was pretty tortured by them by late yesterday afternoon.

my apologies to the house folks..i did not even attempt to get the rest of the laundry thru..i was too tired by the time everyone was settled and i fell asleep on the couch with bru when i should have been pushing laundry thru.



Hi Carol. I left two new mops and buckets in the shop over by the laundry soap. Always good to have replacements I thought!


Carol, just to tell you (although it is obvious), I braced the hinge post on the gate from the riding ring to the barn. It will support the gate until you are able to concrete in a new post.