Rescue Journal

in the world of don't give a shit

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2012

life pretty much totally sucks.
you can bang your head against the we do not care wall until you kill yourself and it will not matter at all.
no one will notice.

i had a really crappy work day..inbetween trying to care about my patients, the system that is supposed to care about me just gave me the finger. due to a direct deposit banking error, my 110 hours of paycheques are sitting in a drawer in new westminster and i can have them as soon as i hike my butt thru the 2 hour trip there and back to get them...oh and sorry, we only work monday to friday and we close at 3:30. thx so much.... i will just tell my afternoon palliative patients that i can't see them cuz i want to get paid.

i will say that my bank is way more helpful..they gave me an emergency overdraft to cover the mortgage and car payment until i can get the cheque on monday. yay for BMO, my bank that does care.

this has been one of those weeks when my faith in humanity falters. a family tries to euthanize their 12 yr old cat for no other reason than he is a newly diagnosed hyperthyroid...(he arrives here on saturday.)
and don't even get me going again on the pretty damn pathetic shit going on around me lately.

i don't get it.

even the folks giving me the proverbial finger today want to get paid, no one would want to DIE because they need a simple and cheap pill every day and ain't no human i know who will drink murky water out of a dirty, gross what the hell is wrong with us???

no one else matters? no one else (esp. animals) are entitled to the things we insist that we must have?
i know i am getting bitchy and my patience is thin but man! sometimes living in this don't give a shit world freaking drives me insane.

oh and i just read the comments on the post below (THX YOU GUYS!) and i KNOW i am being a big whiney baby and we are actually surrounded by people who do CARE..but i am in one of those moods where i am going to wallow in the petty side of bullshit for a bit cuz i am mad.

i think i should just go to bed.
oh and..nicole just called..that new cat's name is babette and she is currently a total hag..growling, hissing, and swatting and pissed off at the world. nicole asked if i still wanted to take her? of course i do..bitchy cats do well here, they are too pissed to curl up and quietly fade away. like me...she will be most likely be fine when she gets over her rage.



I just don't get people , if i had a sick cat and found out she/he could be saved with a little pill every day i would be thrilled . She has done nothing wrong and has no doubt been the perfect cat her whole life and she gets a death threat when she gets sick. just pisses me off,,


The stray cat I took in a few months ago sounds like Babette. I was told by a neighbour that he had been run off every property in the area because he was "mean". He did hiss and growl and lash out for a while, but once he knew he had a home and someone to love him, he became one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats. He was just scared and confused, and wanted a safe place to be. Now he sleeps on my bed every night, and is best friends with my other cats and dog. Babette has just lost her family, so she's scared too. Welcome to Saints Babette, hopefully she'll settle in quickly.


if you are getting bitchy and your patience is wearing thin it is for a good reason. your animals do deserve clean fresh water every day and clean fresh bowls of food and beds. we are all there, staff and volunteers alike, to make sure this happens. i must admit sometimes when i am at saints i will look at a food or water bowl and think oh it is good enough, but i come back to that bowl 5 times and look at it and think no it is not good enough and give it a good cleaning i must admit i do get lazy sometimes but always correct the situation. they deserve that after all they have been through. i do remember once my husband said when i put the dogs dishes in the dishwasher that they were okay even though they were not spotlessly clean so i took his supper dish, put it in the cupboard unwashed and said well there is your dish for tomorrow night. point made. he did not really think about it because he is soooo good with all the animals he is kind to them, loves them pets them talks to them, but when it came to having a clean dish it never bothered him. everyone be it people or animals need to be pampered and especially our saints. they have come from a rough enough life, at least most of them, and the least they deserve is their creature comforts now i will shut up.